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Geoff Jones
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Standing united
The recent release of reports from government inquiries looking at recommendations that will affect our chosen pastime has reaffirmed the need for a single, united association to represent and protect the shooting sports and firearm owners’ interests.

The SSAA has also closely monitored the Inquiry into the Sydney terror siege, and we have concerns about recommendations that call for the establishment of a national firearms registry or National Firearms Interface (NFI). The SSAA has always said that spending millions, if not billions, of taxpayers’ dollars on a new firearms registration system will not capture firearms currently on the black market. We urge our legislators to look at both the New Zealand and most recent Canadian experience, where national longarms registrations blew out cost-wise before they were ultimately scrapped.

On a more positive note, I am pleased to report that our new Gold Membership category launched earlier this year is proving popular and clearly meeting the demands of our members. We have received a number of calls saying how members have saved hundreds of dollars on their firearms insurance simply by upgrading to this fantastic option. If you haven’t had the chance to look into this package, which requires just $25 per year on top of your current membership for $25,000 worth of firearms insurance, I encourage you to visit the SSAA Insurance Brokers website today.

I am also proud of the high level of interaction we have with our members. Members can engage with the SSAA in more ways than ever before, with our SSAA National Facebook page offering an online medium for positive discussion and real-time information-sharing. We also have our own YouTube channel, SSAA TV, which features videos on how to clean your rifle and reload for pistols and rifles, as well as clips from the popular SSAA SHOT Expos. Be sure to get involved in our growing online community. Read more >

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