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President's Message

Combating hysteria by positively representing our sport

As the year continues to fly by with challenges and new developments occurring on an almost daily basis, it is important to remain positive about our sport. That’s why the resounding response to our ‘This is Shooting’ mini-documentary video launched last month has been outstanding and comes at a crucial time, both politically and for the future of our sport.

The video has already been seen by tens of thousands of people and shared far and wide, thanks to the power of social media. As we continue to investigate cost-effective ways to broadcast the video across other media platforms, I am personally calling on our 177,000-plus members to share this video with any non-shooting friends, local politicians and the general public who unfortunately don’t get to see the real side of sports shooting - the safe, fun and all-inclusive side that is constantly overlooked by the mainstream media, but that we all know to be true.

The video is a vital educational tool that comes at a time when the government is continuing its review into the National Firearms Agreement (NFA). As our story details, we cautiously welcomed Justice Minister Michael Keenan’s recent moves towards positive collaboration and increased consultation with sporting shooters and licensed firearm owners, along with his decision to hold more regular meetings of the Firearms Industry Reference Group (FIRG) of which I am part of and proudly represent the SSAA.

It was also pleasing to see the Minister remain level-headed amid emotional calls to tighten our gun laws whipped up by typical...

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