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Calling out cynicism as election concludes

Following months of campaigning, daily policy announcements and regular updates from our SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department, the Federal Election is finally coming to an end with the Coalition claiming a close victory. At time of writing, a number of Senate seats still remain undeclared and the new ministry and cabinet are yet to be announced.

Regardless of the end result, the SSAA is willing and able to work with most of our elected officials as we continue to protect firearm owners’ interests and make representation to the new government about issues affecting our chosen recreation. The fallout from the election results thus far features on our Politics News. For the latest updates, I implore members to regularly visit our website, subscribe to our emails and follow our Facebook page.

In the dying days of the long campaign, we could not let a cynical attempt from Gun Control Australia (GCA) to make legitimate firearms ownership an election issue go unchallenged. Relying on its usual emotional attacks, the GCA questioned the need for the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun in a series of print and social media advertisements. We issued a factual statement of response to all media nationwide on behalf of one million licensed firearm owners, with many shooters taking to social media to share our accompanying graphic.

However, an arrogant response from an ABC producer labelling our statement as “propaganda” and requesting we cease sending him our press releases demonstrates the...

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