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May 2015
Melbourne SSAA SHOT Expo a success!
We play it as we see it - May 2015 President’s Message with Geoff Jones

April 2015
Senate Inquiry majority report a positive outcome for SSAA
Firearms violence inquiry an expensive witch hunt
Greens-led Senate report on firearms violence overwhelmingly rejected
Standing united - April 2015 President’s Message with Geoff Jones

March 2015
Parliamentary Friends of Shooting group launched
Minister Hunt ignores European Union’s best practice solutions to ‘canned hunting’
A new line in the sand to protect Pacific firearm owners - COLFO and SSAA signs MOU
Lion trophy import ban off-target
Prime Minister Abbott and Attorney-General Brandis on mandatory sentencing for trafficking of illegal firearms
The real RSPCA revealed
Advice for shooters and hunters navigating the social media minefield
Continual growth a priority - March 2015 President’s Message with Geoff Jones

February 2015
Geoff Jones’ address to our political leaders
SSAA-supported quoll project an ongoing success
SSAA offers new Gold Membership option - Solid gold!
2015: A look at the year ahead - February 2015 Presidentís Message with Geoff Jones

January 2015
Member benefits expand

December 2014
SSAA National offices closure dates
SSAA SHOT Expo a success in the West
Year of achievements and politics - December 2014 President’s Message with Geoff Jones

November 2014
Free speech versus flawed speech
5th Pacific Regional Shooting Championships
SSAA has say at Senate saga
Doing something right - November 2014 President’s Message with Geoff Jones

October 2014
SSAA National President addresses Greens-led Senate Inquiry
Positive Senate Inquiry public hearings irk Greens
SSAA issues personalised metallic cards for lifetime financial members
Signed, sealed and delivering on conservation in SA
Logical, evidence-based discussion needed - October 2014 Presidentís Message with Geoff Jones

September 2014
SSAA supports Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust
Antis complain, but Aussie handgunners win

August 2014
SSAA National’s Senate Inquiry Submission Paper
Study grants encourage fresh minds to recreational shooting research
Shooting activities under attack again - August 2014 Presidentís Message with Geoff Jones

July 2014
SSAA National seeks Accountant for Sydney Office
SSAA seeks member feedback for Senate Inquiry submission
Sydney’s 2014 SSAA SHOT Expo - something for everyone!
Liberal MP’s ‘canned’ hunting ban will aid poachers
SSAA National cautiously welcomes illegal firearms sentencing
2014 Commonwealth Games shooting news
An exciting era for the SSAA - July 2014 President’s Message with Geoff Jones

June 2014
Greens inquiry a smokescreen for private firearm ownership loathing
Customs increases prohibited items seizures
Senator’s valedictory misses mark
National ballistics system off target
Police begin annual Operation Unification national illegal firearms blitz
2014 SSAA CEO statement
2014 SSAA National Executive report
Hunters can help more in managing pests: study
The 52nd SSAA National AGM

May 2014
SSAA supports Black Dog Ride
SSAA makes mark on koala conservation
Shooting stars aiming for gold at Glasgow Commonwealth Games
Farewell - May 2014 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

April 2014
SA firearms dealer meeting May 30
WFSA 2014 Ambassador named
Remembrance - April 2014 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

March 2014
Donation encourages active living for all abilities
WA Senate Re-election statements
SSAA Academic Bursary program
Let’s communicate - March 2014 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

February 2014
SSAA koala sanctuary launched
Nioa TV teams up with SSAA for junior course
New government, new challenges - February 2014 Presidentís Message with Dean Mighell

January 2014
Shooting coach Tibor Gonczol passes away

December 2013
December 2013 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

November 2013
SSAA email campaign - November 2013 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

October 2013
Shooters call for hunting in bush parks
Gun shy from non-hunting city-dwellers
Strong reactions to Year of the Hunter billboards
SSAA Tasmania questions anti-gunner
October 2013 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

September 2013
SSAA Tas sends a message to Browne
Federal Election 2013 - September 2013 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

August 2013
The Coalition’s policy to tackle crime
Greens off-target on handgun ban
Greens launch $350m guns buy-back plan
Federal Election 2013
In the spirit of mateship - August 2013 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

July 2013
Government abolishes Game Council NSW
SSAA membership fee increase
Shape your Association with SSAA’s 2013 Membership Survey
Hunters are conservationists - July 2013 President’s Message with Dean Mighell

June 2013
World Forum Update - WFSA Newsletter Issue 1
Job vacancy - SSAA Merchandise and General Duties Officer
The 51st SSAA National AGM

May 2013
Exposure Draft Amendment to Firearms Importation Scheme
Advertising Standards Bureau dismisses complaint against SSAA billboard
SSAA supports TV hunting show - May 2013 President message

April 2013
Beyond the Divide - SSAA National sponsors new TV series
Hunting message vandalised as city-based public disconnects from rural Australia
SSAA Art Auction - on now!
SSAA - from strength to strength - April 2013 President message

March 2013
Fair play for all - March 2013 President message

February 2013
The illegal drugs and guns question - The Australian
SSAA Fact Sheet - SSAA launches 2013 Year of the Hunter
Bang, splash, yum - Duck hunters provocative ahead of a new season
Hitting the ground running in 2013 - February 2013 President message

January 2013
65 years of the SSAA
Queensland Firearms Amnesty February 1 to April 30, 2013

December 2012
SSAA National’s Firearms Importation Regime Revised Consultation Paper submission
Live waterfowl photos sought to update WIT document
The SSAA in 2012 - December 2012 President message

November 2012
Properties sought for one-of-a-kind quail research
Tackling the illegal firearms market
Bob Katter talks with The Australian as firearm ownership grows
Antigun advocate accused of sex abuse
Tibor Gonczol - Australia’s loss, India’s gain
4th Pacific Regional Shooting Championships results and photos
Roll up your sleeves and help - November 2012 President message

October 2012
Victorian firearms amnesty October 1 to November 30, 2012
Half-truths corrected - October 2012 President message

September 2012
Australia’s firearm ownership examined
Second edition of SSAA’s Comprehensive Guide to Shooting & Hunting in Australia released
Safe compliance advice from Tasmania Police
At the club or Olympics - the shooting sports count - September 2012 President message

August 2012
To all owners of Lithgow Slazenger Model 1, 1A or 1B .22-calibre rifles
2012 Paralympic Games shooting news
Summary of University of Queensland Australian Hunter Survey
Centenary of the Lithgow Small Arms Factory celebrations 2012
Photos of live quail needed
Olympic spectators taught ABC of shooting
Firearms reform has right focus - August 2012 President message

July 2012
2012 Olympic Games shooting news
Olympic teams announced - July 2012 President message

June 2012
Illicit market firearms and organised crime
Major agreement to tackle the illegal firearms market
Federal Government announces national gun registry and life imprisonment for gun traffickers
50th SSAA National AGM

May 2012
Customs admits illegal gun import X-ray blunder
Will the Greens turn a new leaf? - May 2012 President message

April 2012
Justice Minister admits gaps in gun control laws
Canadian long-gun registry finally destined for scrap heap of history
SSAA - Protecting shooters since 1948 - April 2012 President message

March 2012
Illegal firearms in the spotlight - March 2012 President message

February 2012
2012 London Olympic Games shooting news
Duck and quail hunting seasons announced in SA
Firearms used in drive-by shootings to be traced by the Australian Crime Commission
Media discredits anti-gun ‘facts’ - February 2012 President message

Hon Brendan O’Connor appointed Minister for Human Services and Minister Assisting for School Education
A good year for SSAA National - December 2011 President message
Greens attack hunting and gun ownership
State legislation for rifle storage
Report on the rise of gun club members and firearm ownership in Australia
Firearm ownership in Australia on the increase
SSAA leads the way on firearms education
Safe and secure - November 2011 President message
Election donation ties to Greens
Twigg Family Appeal - tragedy brings Nhill community together
Stand up and be counted - October 2011 President message
FNQ QuadRiders call for safer licensing system
‘Cute’ animals still need management - September 2011 President message
SSAA membership price increase
SSAA National responds to knife consultation paper - August 2011 President message
Anti-gunners miss the point again
Tsunami engulfs paper planned for SSAA magazines
SSAA National submission to Sharpening our Approach to Weapons Control
SSAA National’s 49th AGM
Bob Katter’s AusParty
2011 SSAA SHOT Expo photo gallery
Katter unveils his new Australian Party
Help Victoria Police locate wanted man
SSAA National farewells Arthur Bentley - June 2011 President message
Customs consults on weapons controls
Rebel LNP MPs discuss forming a new political party with maverick federal independent Bob Katter
Quail Research Project during the 2011 SA and Victorian quail seasons
Don’t let the bullies get you down - May 2011 President message
SSAA WA discusses state licensing issues
April 2011 President message
Sunday Herald Sun clarifies duck hunting incident
Salt on wounds
Customs consultation paper SSAA’s submission
It’s the illegal gun owner
The truth about handgun use in Australia
SSAA National engages with Government - March 2011 President message
Urgent member notice from SSAA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd about flood cover
Restricted duck and quail hunting seasons announced for South Australia 2011
SSAA WA wins handgun amendments
Lend a hand - February 2011 President message
SSAA National responds to Feral Deer Management Strategy 2010-2015
Favourable conditions mark return to a standard Victorian duck season in 2011
Greens handgun comments off-colour

Public consultation on firearms importation regime extended to March 1, 2011, due to SSAA intervention
Australian Institute of Criminology - reporting the facts
December 2010 President message - The SSAA in 2010
R18+ computer game classification review released
Tasmanian Firearms Act 1996: 2010 Public Consultation
November 2010 President message - International shoots promote sporting values
First meeting of the new Firearms Advisory Council
7th NRA World Action Pistol Championship results
October 2010 President message - September’s WFSA meeting
2010 Commonwealth Games Australian Shooting Team results
3rd Pacific Regional Shooting Championships on 15-21 November 2010
Prevention, not gun buy-backs, key to suicide reduction
McGrath Foundation thanks SSAA members for donations
Claims by anti-gun activists shrill and ignorant
Passing of Roy Smith
August 2010 President message
Federal Election 2010
New Firearms Advisory Council
SSAA National at the United Nations
SSAA Queensland speaks about junior firearms permits
SSAA National’s statement to the United Nations and those from other Member States are available on Capital News
SSAA Tasmanian Deerstalkers Super NT Safari Raffle
SSAA National labels handgun ban appeal as ludicrous
SSAA National’s 48th AGM
Status report on the public consultation on the possible introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games
May 2010 President message
Lobbying news update
April 2010 President message
Oakleigh Pistol Club’s Great Harley-Davidson Raffle is on
March 2010 President message
Wildlife Management and Welfare - A Community Perspective
Stolen firearms in Howard Springs
SHOT Expo on 5-6 June 2010
Senate discusses status of R18+ computer games classification consultation paper
Be Part of the Solution campaign
2010 World Action Pistol Championships website now up
February 2010 President message

December 2009 President message
Urban dwellers losing touch with life, says Attenborough
November 2009 President message
SSAA membership at an all-time high
October 2009 President message
Home Affairs Minister supports SSAA National Gun Safe Voucher Program
September 2009 President message
August 2009 President message
SSAA National assists 60 Minutes in hunting story
July 2009 President message
Handgun ownership myth busting
Duck hunting - the sustainable harvest of organic free-range food
SSAA launches Media Centre for working journalists and photographers
Who is the Invasive Species Council?
SSAA 2009 National AGM
SSAA National launches A Journalist’s Guide to Firearms and the Shooting Sports
COLFO responds to call for tougher gun law
SSAA’s Comprehensive Guide to Shooting & Hunting in Australia
May 2009 President message
Born or Bred?: Investigating the forces that shaped Martin Bryant
April 2009 President message
Knives, blunt instruments and strangulation used in 90 per cent of homicides
ABC Riverland Radio interview about fox fur
Ready, aim, cook!
What they’re saying about SSAA’s Cooks Companion
Australian fox fur - the environmentally friendly alternative?
SSAA’s Cooks Companion recipe book
SSAA letter to The Daily Telegraph
ABC Western Queensland Radio interview about SSAA’s Cooks Companion
ABC Newcastle Radio interview about SSAA’s Cooks Companion
March 2009 President message
February 2009 President message
Firearm theft in Australia 2006–07 AIC report

December 2008 President message
Congratulations to our .243 Project auction winners
Addendum to The Junior Shooter 2 newsletter
November 2008 President message
McGrath Foundation Government funding bonus
SSAA addendum to ‘Criminal use of handguns in Australia’ AIC report
October 2008 President message
Melbourne University paper shows Australian gun buyback a waste of money
September 2008 President message
Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
The Jury’s In: $700 million plus spent on Australia’s gun buy-backs has had no effect on firearm deaths
SSAA welcomes life sentence for bikie Hudson
‘Criminal use of handguns in Australia’ AIC report
August 2008 President message
SSAA WA radio advert
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
July 2008 President message
SSAA’s statement to the United Nations
SSAA 2008 National AGM
The Junior Shooters’ Managing Editor speaks with ABC radio
National Coaltion for Gun Control calls for ban on The Junior Shooter magazine
Special statement about the passing of Jane McGrath
Game Management uni course 2008 Semester 2 now open
May 2008 President message
Evaluating Britain’s handgun ban
SSAA’s reply to The Sun-Herald's comments about The Junior Shooter
Be green, eat more ’roos
More Australians dining on kangaroo
April 2008 President message - SSAA National attends WFSA annual meeting
SSAA pays tribute to Charlton Heston
March 2008 President message
Australiaís gun laws since 1996
Storage arrangements for firearms at time of theft, 2005–06
The truth about kangaroo harvesting in Australia
WWF-Australia calls for urgent feral animal control in face of climate change
February 2008 President message - 2008: a new era for SSAA National

December 2007 President message
SSAA Insurance Brokers commercial insurance packages
November 2007 President message - Stick to your guns - make your vote count
Federal Election 07
An open letter to Channel 7 Sunrise program
October 2007 President message - Wipe the smile off the anti-gun lobby’s face
SSAA National launches McGrath Foundation fundraiser
August 2007 President message - It’s your choice - sign up a junior or our sport will vanish
Rudd undertakes to release “black and white” policy on recreational shooting and hunting
Gil Hartwig - Order of Australia medal winner
July 2007 President message - Game Management course offered at the University of Queensland
SSAA the big winner at Bianchi 2007
June 2007 President message
Game Management: the Science of Sustainable Use - The University of Queensland short course
Government moves on outlaw motorcycle gangs
Melbourne Shootings
Not a time for political point scoring
May 2007 President message
Roy Smith’s inaugural speech
SSAA 2007 National AGM
April 2007 President message
Handgun ownership facts in Australia
Firearm legislation in Australia
Notice to NSW SSAA members
February 2007 President message
Australia Post - member update
Speaker of the House of Representatives Hawker and Senator Ellison respond to Australia Post decision

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Incorporated (SSAA) advises its members and readers that the SSAA is not associated with, nor does it have any affiliation with, the Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters, (C.L.A.S.S. Incorporated) in any manner whatsoever.

Pacific Regional Shooting Championships - Special Feature
Pacific Regional Shooting Championships photos
Pacific Regional Shooting Championships recount by Chris Gulvin
World Police and Fire Games: the best and the bravest come to Adelaide
Stawell's win-win-win
Hunter Reader Survey results
SSAA Hunting & Conservation Team wins award
Jeff Cooper - the father of modern pistol shooting
SSAA rejects calls for further restrictions on registered handguns
Gun theft down
New SSAA discipline - Field Rifle 3-Positional Scoped Air Rifle
Agfest 2006 review
SHOT Expo 2006
SSAA WA Wiseguy racing
Australia Post update
Thanks from Baghdad
Ten years after the National Firearms Agreement of 1996
Firearm Safety Conference - In the Right Hands
Australia Post Regulations - Meetings in Progress
Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) - What recreational shooters need to know!

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