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Australian Shooter is not only the flagship publication of the SSAA, it is also Australia’s most popular sports shooting magazine. Published monthly, it aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting and the shooting sports. It caters to SSAA members and the general public who may be recreational hunters, competitive or casual target shooters, those who use their firearms professionally or those who enjoy collecting firearms.

Australian Shooter discusses political, legislative and current event news, while our regular and freelance contributor offer hunting opinions and philosophies, outdoor and survival tips, and technical and practical ballistics information to represent the varied experiences of Australia’s recreational shooters and hunters.

The main point of interest for our readers is no doubt our product reviews and feature articles. Each month, our technical writers road-test and review a selection of new firearms, shooting accessories, knives, clothing and much more to help you choose the right product for your chosen activities. The magazine also features several members-only competitions, as well as the Shooter’s Gallery trading post section for the occasional buying and selling of items.

  • September 2015

    September 2015

    SSAA National, State and Territory representatives meet to discuss issues affecting firearm owners in their area, and we respond to the Cecil the lion incident and explain the difference between sustainable ethical hunting and illegal hunting activities. Senior correspondent John Dunn reviews Sabatti’s Compact Scout .243 Win hunting rifle, while John McDougall tests the Yildiz SPZM Special over-and-under shotgun and James Cheung examines Aimpoint dot sights. We also review the Burris Eliminator III Ballistic LaserScope, Vortex Viper HD binoculars and ATA Tactical Portable Shooting Bench. John Hill rebuilds a powder scale, and John Moore reflects on the benefits of the 20-gauge shotgun. Darren Marks and his sons head to one of their favourite properties for a few days of small-game hunting. We also announce the five recipients of this year’s Academic Bursary Program.

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  • August 2015

    August 2015

    We round-up all the action from Columbia, Missouri, where our SSAA handgunners delivered another impressive display at the annual Bianchi Cup. SSAA National President Geoff Jones speaks out against the sensationalist misinformation over the new import Adler lever-action shotgun, while Matthew Godson analyses confusion about ‘canned hunting’ in Africa. Con Kapralos tests Sako’s 85 Long Range rifle, Paul Miller looks at Walther’s LGU Master air rifle and Steve Hurt runs the rule over Swarovski’s new X5 long-range scopes. Chris Redlich heads to northern Victoria on the trail of sambar, while Chris Jackman is quite happy sniping rabbits with his three sons. Peter Bindon highlights how nibbles can be part of a ‘stay-alive’ kit in the bush. Don Caswell delves into artwork inspired by hunting, and Mostyn Hudson takes the spotlight for Youth in Focus.

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  • July 2015

    July 2015

    Editor Kaye Jenkins reports on all the action from the Melbourne SSAA SHOT Expo, and the South Australian Flinders Ranges gets a special delivery of 37 western quolls as part of an ongoing conservation project in the region. Con Kapralos tests the Tikka T3 CTR rifle and John Pond reviews the Feinwerkbau Sport air rifle. We also look at the Foxpro Wildlife II game caller, Wolf-Eyes Lunar Professional Headlamp, Max-Hunter clay target shooting vest and Steiner Nighthunter 8x30 LRF binoculars. John Hill investigates the theory and practice of minute-of-angle shooting accuracy, and senior correspondent John Dunn reflects on custom knifemaker Robert Dewey’s retirement. John McDougall visits the Victoria Range Game Preserve for a challenging but rewarding day out for pheasants, and Craig Jensen reunites with a mate over a pig hunting trip.

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  • June 2015

    June 2015

    Media Officer Kate Fantinel looks at how the SSAA Farmer Assist program, which helps landowners tackle pest animals, has opened in two more states, South Australia and Western Australia, after initial success in Queensland. Politicians who support the shooting sports in federal parliament are hailed, but Anthony Pagan is critical of a sensationalist and lurid anti-hunting opinion piece in the NT News. Brad Allen savours a birthday deer hunt in Queensland’s Granite Belt region, while Matt Fox and his dad target feral intruders on a sheep property. North American correspondent Thomas Tabor is thrilled by the famous Winchester Model 1873 rifle, Con Kapralos assesses the new Walther Century air rifle and Paul Miller applauds the Krieghoff K-80 Pro Sporter shotgun. For youngsters, the SSAA National Junior Challenge looms enticingly on the shooting calendar.

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  • May 2015

    May 2015

    Politicians unite to launch the Parliamentary Friends of Shooting group, and Media Office Kate Fantinel reports on the expensive witch-hunt that has been the Greens-led Senate Inquiry into gun-related violence and how the majority report is a positive outcome for Australian shooters. We look at the history of the pioneering Bounceback conservation program in South Australia and the vilification of hunters in the public land hunting debate in Western Australia. Thomas Tabor reviews the Henry H010 .45-70 lever-action rifle, John McDougall field-tests the Fabarm Axis RS12 Trap shotgun and John Pond looks at the BSA GRT Supersport SE air rifle. Ted Mitchell hunts red deer for pies, while Brett Morris takes a family trip in search of goats. We also encourage SSAA members to roll up their sleeves and become blood donors.

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  • April 2015

    April 2015

    The SSAA and the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) meet with politicians in Canberra to discuss and promote the shooting sports, and the SSAA and New Zealand’s Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (COLFO) sign a Memorandum of Understanding to protect firearm owners in the Pacific. Our reviewers field-test the Savage Mark II BRJ .22LR and CZ 557 Sporter .30-06 Springfield rifles, the Optisan Viper 8-32x60 scope, GlowShot reactive targets and the Max-Clean Maintenance Range Box. Bob Whinnen reflects on the SSAA National Quail Research Project and the current state of quail hunting in South Australia. Ron Fredericks analyses what pinpoint shooting accuracy means, Royce Wilson takes a look at Pattern 1914 and M1917 Enfield rifles, and SSAA clubs around the country prepare for Anzac Day events.

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