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The Research Archive provides a list of articles and links of political and academic interest. Containing Australian and international reports, statistics, opinion polls and graphs, this section covers such topics as firearms legislation and restriction and its effects on crime, violence and other social phenomena. To search through our archive of research material or to find material from a specific year, click on the years below.

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Know your opponent
There are many individuals, groups and organisations who are against private firearms ownership, sport shooting and recreational hunting. The following information will help you know your opponent.

Research, political & government links
The SSAA has compiled a list of research, political and government links, so those members with an enquiring mind can conduct their own research.

Press releases
The SSAA produces Press releases and fact sheets to keep you informed about national and international firearm, shooting, hunting and environmental issues.

Medical issues
Sometimes, those who do not support sport shooting or recreational hunting argue that these activities are unsafe. However, there are many more sections of society that have proven to be more unsafe. The following news items include some shocking medical issues and errors and their consequences.

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