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President's Message

Promoting the benefits of hunting through education

The SSAA has a proud history of involvement in hunting and conservation activities, with our various Conservation & Wildlife Management (CWM) branches widely acknowledged as pioneers in this important area. In fact, one of our key roles is to promote the sustainable use of hunting and the many flow-on benefits it brings, such as protecting our native species.  

That is why the SSAA is proud to sponsor the popular Hunting the Menu television series, which aired on Foxtel, community stations and various online streaming platforms over the past six weeks. The high-quality, six-episode series successfully showcased to the general public just how ethical we, as hunters, are in our activities. The show not only promoted the benefits of sourcing free-range food for the table, but it also fits perfectly with the aims of our Association in educating the wider community about our chosen recreation. With around 80 per cent of our members identifying themselves as hunters in our recent membership survey, it is clear that hunting should and will remain an important focus area of the SSAA. Hence, we are already spearheading new initiatives to further our work in this area, as we look at how we can raise our support for hunters generally.  

In conjunction with the Hunting the Menu series, we broadcast a nationwide advertisement inviting non-shooters to ‘Join Us’ in our safe, fun and all-abilities recreation. To view the ad and to catch up on all of the Hunting the Menu episodes, head to<...

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