Field Rifle Hall of Fame

[ Field Rifle, 3-Positional, Scoped Air Rifle and NRA Any Sight ]

Points table after Nationals Little River, Vic 2017

Name Total points
Matthew Boots 43
Brian Trenwith 39
Darius Krivanek 34
Rod Frisby, Owen Ismail 33
Mike Berry 30
Lee Bettridge 23
David McCarthy 20.5
Gil Hartwig, John Patmore 17
Reg Johnson 15.5
Rod Hicks 15
Ron Bryant 4 (inducted 2006 for services to the discipline)

A competitor must amass a total of 15 points for entry. A position win provides ½ point, a class aggregate win provides 1 point and a 2-Gun win in 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions provides 3, 2 and 1 points respectively.

10 points - Veselko Talajic

9 points - Dann Suthern

8.5 points - Peter Wenta

8 points - Dave Harrison

7.5 points - Gary Hotchin

7 points - Mal Smith

6.5 points - Will Godward, Greg Riemer

6 points - Neville Madden, Robert Donoghue, Glenn McKenzie

5.5 points - Justin Gould, Ian Tower

5 points - Colin Robertson, Graeme Whatman, Danny Mc Keaig

4.5 points - Les Imgrund Jnr, Matthew Everingham

4 points - Rob Parsons, Lance Kennedy, Ron McDonald, Dan Linsley, Allan Murray, Alex Brace, Ron Bryant, Josh DeVries, Bill O’Connor

3.5 points - Ken Wilson, Graham Morrell

3 points - Stan Lines, Stewart Smith, Dave Sanders, David Gould, Ashlea McCarthy

2.5 points - Gary Owen, Norm Abbott, Peter Goldsmith

2 points - David Dawson, William Butler, Dal Birrell

1.5 points - Barry Nelis, Peter Woelfle, Pip Moy, Richard Taylor

1 point - Les Imgrund Snr., Laurel Gould, Les Moffat, Ty Enright, Bob Davidson, Mike Pritchard, John Paini, Henry Harvey, Jan Linsley, Nigel Gibson, Anthony Finn, Chris Mc Intyre, Doug Lawrie, Steve Rados

½ point - Wayne Clem, Ray Paget, Tony Moy, Lou Szabolics, Herb Valerius, Paul Ball, Neville Richardson, John Williams, Barry Kirk, Kev Whitley, Richard Kruger, Alan Peak, Bert Boere, Les Martin, Phil Ferme, Kev Mizon, Alan Jenkins, John Reed, Roy Smith, Greg Dodd, Tony Alderson, Mark Sanderson, Paul Mogridge, Steve Martin, Chris Davis, Chris Martindale, Andrew Clark, Lester Carlsson, Phillip Johansen,  Mike Peacock (NZ), Paul Edgar, Alan Cowburn, Greg Wilson, Tracy Pollard, Phillip Squires Eric Kowald, , James O’Brien, Phil Stephen, Chris Gulvin, Trevor Gulvin, Kadiejayne Tirkot, Eddy Lok, Jason Davidson, Ben Kennedy, Gavin Geldenhuys, Clint Mitchell, Graham Bunter, Robert Luther, Adrian Williams, Keigan Williams

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