Muzzleloading Australian records

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Records as of 24 June 2017.
Australian records are to be shot at any Registered Match (general practice is not included). Registered Matches include: International, National, State, club shoots. Matches must follow the current SSAA Muzzleloading National rule book.

Event Date Name Score
ML Percussion Shotgun (25 Birds) 1999 Club Match J Stewart 25
  2002 Club Match T Van Elst 25
ML Percussion Shotgun (50 Birds) 2008 World Championships T Van Elst 46
ML Flintlock Shotgun (25 Birds) 2005 Nationals G Price 23
ML Flintlock Shotgun (50 Birds) 2007 Pacific Zones B Miles 35
Event Date Name Score
50m Military Musket Firelock OH 2001 Nationals D Prowse 91
50m Military Musket  open OH 2010 Nationals P Norgard 96
50m Rifle Military OH 2010 World Championships M Nicholas 97.3
50m Rifle Military Snap  2016 Nationals D McCarthy 93.1
100m Military Rifle Benchrest 1999 SA State Titles A Ward 97.5
100m Military Rifle Prone 1996 SA State Titles J Labrum 95.3
50m Traditional Rifle OH 2015 NSW State Titles B Drover 97.4
50m Traditional Rifle Snap 1998 Nationals A Medcalf 94.2
100m Traditional Rifle Benchrest 2014 Nationals V Potezney 95
100m Traditional Rifle X-Sticks 2013 SA Interclub D McCarthy 96.1
50m Firelock OH 2015 Club Shoot S Nicholas 97.2
50m Firelock Kneeling 2014 Nationals S Nicholas 99.2
100m Firelock Prone 2008 Nationals S Nicholas 93.1
100m Open Rifle Benchrest 2016 ABPMLC Club Champs V Potezny 100.7
  2013 Club Shoot B Finlay 100.6
  2015 Club Shoot V Potezny 100.6
200m Open Rifle Benchrest 2015 Club Shoot V Potezny 100
50m Vetterli  OH 1999 Club Shoot D McCarthy 100.5
100m 3 Position Rifle 2005 Nationals S Nicholas 96
100m Whitworth Prone 2002 SA State Titles S Nicholas 99.1
  2014 Nationals M Nicholas 99.1
200m Benchrest Cartridge Rifle 2014 Nationals I McCall 234
100m Benchrest Cartridge Rifle 2017 Nationals V Potzney 245
100m Offhand Cartridge Rifle 2016 Nationals A McCarthy 214
  2016 Nationals D McCarthy 214
Aggregate Cartridge Rifle 2014 Nationals M Soberajski 633
Event Date Name Score
Revolver 25m C1 Precision 2002 SA State Titles S Nicholas 95.2
  2013 National Postal Shoot M Nicholas 96
Revolver 25m C1 Timed 1988 Nationals T Van Elst 90
Pistol 25m C2 Precision Club Shoot T Van Elst 100
Pistol 25m C2 Timed 2004 Club Shoot J Stewart 95
Pistol 25m C3 Precision 1999 SA State Titles T Van Elst 97.5
Pistol 50m C3 Precision 1998 Nationals D Prowse 89
Firelock Rifled Pistol 2012 Nationals D Prowse 91.2
Firelock Smoothbore Pistol 2014 Club Shoot S Nicholas 94.1
Matchlock Pistol 2017 Nationals K Bee 90
Grand Aggregate 2002 T Van Elst 790.3
Super Grand Aggregate 2004 T Van Elst 2461

Information required to set a record

Information on the target must included:

  • Shooters name
  • Date shot
  • Location
  • Match
  • Range officer signature
  • Club Secretary's signature
  • Witness signature & SSAA number
  • Notification to Muzzleloading State Delegate
  • Firearm used
  • Load used
    • Calibre
    • Projectile weight
    • Powder charge
    • Sights

The targets can either be sent by post or a digital photo emailed to the National Award Secretary.

As a starting point, the existing national records as of April 2011 shall be used. Scores shot in previous matches can be used if adequate proof is presented to the Award Secretary, including the score published in the Australian Shooter magazine, state or club championship results.

Shooters who set a national record shall be presented with a certificate of recognition once the design is completed.

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