Rimfire Benchrest Hall of Fame

[ Benchrest ]


Michael Truscott  QLD 1 19
Paul Sullivan QLD 2 23
Bill Jupp NSW   14
Tony Allinson NSW   12
Robin Cox NSW   13
Brendan Atkinson SA   11
Brian Mitchell NSW   10
Jannette Mitchell NSW   8
John Cook  QLD   8
Barry Duncan (Decd) NSW   7
John Patzwald QLD   7
Bill Simmons QLD   7
Lee McGrann NSW   5
Gaye Truscott QLD   5
Phil Jones QLD   5
Norm Bardell QLD   5
David Jenkins NSW   5
Charlie Robinson QLD   4
Tom Hodgson QLD   4
Ray Edwards (Decd) WA   4
John Radford NSW   4
David Alland NSW   4
Phil McClelland NSW   4
Peter Fleming NSW   4
Glenn Seaman NSW   4
Don Powell NSW   4
Steve Brown WA   3
Michael Huebner VIC   3
Peter Armstrong  NSW   3
Karl Kuehn NSW   3
Murray Hicks NSW   3
Mitchell Tallar NSW   3
Bill O'Connor VIC   3
Sid Miller (Decd) SA   3
Randall Miller (Decd) NSW   3
Alan Peake (Decd) SA   3
Neil Henderson     3
Thomas Applegate QLD   3
Ben West  QLD   3
Ashely Elford NSW   2
Alex Chryss NSW   2
Patrick Applegate QLD   2
Steve Smith QLD   2
Brett Wilson NSW   2
Peter Nicoll NSW   2
Maureen Edwards WA   1
Roger Paddon QLD   1
Ross Hutchins VIC   1
Col Tucker (Decd) SA   1
Nancye McKenzie NSW   1
John Wyatt WA   1
Russ McNammee (Decd)     1
Syd Hammond WA   1
Andy Dmytryke NSW   1
Ira Rolley QLD   1
Ken Lessells (Decd) NSW   1
Mike Sutherland SA   1
Nick Brille-Suie QLD   1
Geroge Hackney NSW   1
Rob Austin NSW   1
Robert Booth WA   1
Ed McGrann NSW   1
David Keen SA   1
Allan Smith QLD   1
Bob Blacklock (Decd) NSW   1
Greg Crawford WA   1
Richard Powell QLD   1
Roy MacCarthy QLD   1
Allan Marsh NSW   1
Neville Kime NSW   1
Annie Elliott QLD   1
Tom Keys NSW   1
Nathan Matthews  NSW   1
Neil Digweed QLD   1

Points are only awarded for the events of the National Benchrest Championships. One point for a yardage win; two for a Grand Score win; three, two and one for the 4-Gun overall. Shooters require 15 points for Hall of Fame entry, and may continue to amass points after qualifying.

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