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Lever Action Classic Calibre Postal Shoot

March 1 - March 31

[ Lever Action ]


1*100mAFPSMALL BEAR LA25 min5
2100mSitting Post RestPIG LA62 min5
3100mSitting UnsupportedGOAT LA45 min5
4*50mStanding UnsupportedFOX HEAD LA35 min5
550mProne UnsupportedDUCK LA132 min5
650mStanding Post RestSmall Rabbit5 min5
725mStanding UnsupportedCAT Head15 sec5

*Denotes a proficiency medal target


The Classic Postal shoot is to be shot during the month of March.

Rifle Eligibility - Any Lever Action Rifle as per the rulebook definitions for Classic Calibre Rifles and cartridges.
Each postal shoot is contested by teams of five (5) shooters, no limit to the number of teams.

Results to be posted or emailed  to National Lever Action Awards Secretary by 30th May.
Address: PO Box 203, Alstonville, NSW  2477+A16 Email:  [email protected]

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