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2017 SSAA National Combined Services Championships

20-22 October 2017 - Majura Range

[ Combined Services ]


Thursday, 19 October: Practice.

Friday, 20 October: 7.30am Pistol scrutineering, 8.30am briefing, 9am competition Class 1, 2 and 3 Pistols (competitors may shoot up to two classes per match only): Event 1 Match 1 3P Core Pistol event (25m, 15m, 7m) Class 1, 2 & 3 Graded & Junior; Event 2 Match 9 50m Long Range Deliberate Class 1, 2 & 3 Open/Junior; Event 3 Match 6 Standing Rapid Fire 15m Class 1, 2 & 3 Open & Junior; Event 4 Chairman’s Challenge Match 2 3P Deliberate 15m and Practice 5&6 from Match 1 Aggregate scores, Pre-46 Class 1 genuine unmodified ‘as issued’ Open; 3pm Cadet Rifle scrutineering, 3.20pm briefing, 3.30pm competition: Event 1 Match 20 3P Core event .310 Cadet Rifles (Graded & Junior); 6pm National Discipline Combined Services Subcommittee AGM.

Saturday, 21 October: 7.30am Standard & Accurised Rifle scrutineering, 8.30am briefing, 9am competition: Event 2 Match 10 300m Deliberate Standard (Graded & Junior) & Accurised (Open); Event 3 Match 1 3P Core (300, 200, 100m) Standard (Graded & Junior) & Accurised (Open): Event 4 Match 4 Rapid Fire B (100m) Standard /Accurised Open/Junior; Event 5 Match 13 Action M (100m) Standard/Accurised Open/Junior; dinner at Canberra Rifle Club, followed by presentation for days 1 and 2.

Sunday, 22 October: 7.30am Tactical and Trainer Rifle scrutineering, 8.30am briefing, 9am competition: Long Range Event F1, F2, T/J and .22 Trainer Rifle. Tactical rifle matches will be conducted at Canberra Rifle Club and the Trainer rifle match run concurrently at SSAA Majura Range; Event 6 Match 15 Long Range Event 300m F1, 400m F2 and 500m T/J all shot on mini-core targets, Open each class; Event 7 Local Match ‘Agony Snap’ 500m Class T/J; Event 8 Match 20 Core event .22 Trainer Rifles (Graded & Junior); lunch followed by day 3 presentations.


Pistol only $40.

All Rifle only $60.

Individual events $10.

All matches $100 (or $90 if nomination and fees received by 6 October).

Juniors half price.

Saturday night dinner, main course and dessert $20.

Nominations and fees by 6 October.

Please pay for your dinner with your nomination fees. Other meals available and can be paid on day.

Direct money transfer to SSAA Military Rifle Social Club, BSB 732-636, Account 000523871. Please include your name under description.

Cheques and postal orders to David Thompson, SSAA Military Rifle Social Club, 5 Field Street, Watson, ACT 2602.


Shot in accordance with Combined Services Official National Rules (Revised 2013) No.3 Reprinted 2015.

All Pistol ammunition will be tested to ensure compliance with 75% PEL.

Current SSAA and grading cards must be produced at registration. No grading card is automatic entry to highest grade contested by 3 or more competitors.


Pistol Top Gun (Class 1 only) consists of Events 1, 2 and 3. Same for team events. Pistol Junior medals are awarded on the top score from either Class 1, 2 or 3.

Rifle Top Gun consists of Events 2, 3 and 4. Same for team events.

All competitors will receive a patch.

There will be a random draw at presentations for a SSAA swag.


Breakfast and lunch available on three days of the competition and dinner available Saturday night.

Camping available on site with shower and toilet facilities for $10 per adult per night.

Hosted by SSAA ACT Military Firearms Club at Majura Range, Hector McIntosh Grove, Majura, ACT.

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