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2018 NSW Lever Action State Titles

May 4-6, 2018 - SSAA Taree Wingham, Wingham Rifle Range, NSW

[ Lever Action ]



Practice 9am to 3pm Friday, 4 May.

NSW Open - 5 May: 9am to 10am sighting in, 10.30am start total 50 rounds.

1*100mSFP 13MAFP5 min5
2**100mBuff Head LA1AFP5min5
3100mElephant LA9Standing Post Rest2 min5
4100mDuck LA13Sitting Post Rest2 min5
5*50mSFP 14N (7-10 only)Standing Unsupported5 min5
6**50mFeral Cat LA7Standing Unsupported5 min5
750mRunning Rabbit LA10Sitting Post Rest2 min5
850mSitting Rabbit LA5Standing Post Rest2 min5
950mQld Pig LA6Standing Unsupported20secs5
1025mCrow (small) LA8Standing Unsupported15 secs5

* National Proficiency targets ** NSW State Proficiency targets                                   


NSW Classic Calibre - 6 May: 9am to 10am practice, 10.30am start total 35 rounds.

1*100mSmall Bear LA2Any Field Position5 Min5
2100mElephant LA9Standing Post Rest5 min5
3100mGoat LA4Sitting Post Rest5min5
4*50mFox Head LA3Standing Unsupported5 min5
550mFeral Cat LA7Standing Post Rest2 min5
650mRunning Fox LA11Sitting Post Rest2 min5
725mSitting Rabbit LA5Standing Unsupported15 sec5

* National Proficiency targets

Note: Lever Action discipline meeting to be held after Saturday’s shoot. 


Fee for each event is $35 adults, $10 juniors. Juniors can receive assistance with travelling expenses from SSAA/NSW. Ask for details. Nomination forms may be obtained by email, phone or the SSAA National website. 


Firearms act licensing requirements require you to carry your home state firearm licence at all times. To comply with range approval conditions, a calibre greater than 8mm will need to use lead projectiles with a maximum velocity of 1500fps. Grading cards will apply. If no grading card is presented competitors will be entered in the highest grade that has three competitors. 


Medals will be awarded for each grade for adults, ladies, seniors (age 55 to 65), veterans (age 66+), juniors (age 12 to 18) and Traditional Rifle. Trophies will be awarded for overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for Open, Classic and Two Gun. 


Drinks/barbeque lunch available on the range at additional cost. Confirm catering requirements one week prior. Camping is permitted on the range at $5 per night. Toilets, showers and limited kitchen available. Saturday dinner is included in the nomination fee. Wingham Rifle Range is on Rifle Range Rd, Wingham, NSW.

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