Field Rifle, 3P, Scoped Air Rifle and NRA Any Sight National Championships 2021

March 31-April 5, 2021 - SSAA Majura Range, Hector McIntosh Grove, Majura, ACT

[ Field Rifle, 3-Positional, Scoped Air Rifle and NRA Any Sight ]


Duration five days + one practice day. Matches to be shot (seven in total): Field Rifle (Rimfire); Field Rifle (Centrefire); 3-Positional (Rimfire); 3-Positional (Centrefire); NRA 3 x 40 Any Sight; 10m Scoped Precision Air Rifle; 10m Scoped 3-Positional Air Rifle.

Tentative match order:

March 31: Practice.

April 1: NRA 3 x 40 Any sight + 10 Scoped Precision Air Rifle.

April 2: Field Rifle Centrefire + 10m Scoped 3-Positional Air Rifle.

April 3: 3-Positional Rimfire.

April 4: Field Rifle Rimfire.

April 5: 3-Positional Centrefire.

Event subject to border controls and any other COVID-19 impacts. May be postponed or cancelled at any time if mandated by SSAA National, State or Federal directive. It is recommended competitors consider any potential COVID-19 impacts and travel plans, insurances etc. Neither SSAA (ACT) or SSAA National will be liable for reimbursement of any costs to competitors associated with a postponed or cancelled event. SSAA (ACT) prohibits persons from known COVID hotspots, as per ACT Government information, from visiting SSAA ACT Majura Range.


See attached.

Contact: Josephine King 0424 292 115 or Matt Rogaloff 0410 895 815.


Standard SSAA Rule Book applies.


Standard National medal presentations to take place (where practical) at the end of each day following matches. Proficiency awards can be applied for during the event (where required).


To be advised.

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