SSAA Muzzleloading National Championships 2019

April 19-22, 2019 - SSAA (SA) Para, Rifle Range Road, Greenwith, SA

[ Muzzleloading ]


Friday, April 19: 9am 25m Precision Revolver Class 1; 9.45am 25m Timed fire revolver Class 1; 10.30am 25m Precision Pistol Class 2; 11.30am 25m Timed Fire Pistol Class 2; 12 noon 25m Precision Pistol Rifled Flintlock/Firelock; 12.45pm 25m Precision Pistols/Bore Flintlock/Firelock; 1.30pm 25m Precision Pistol Matchlock; 2.15pm 25m Precision revolver/pistol Class 3; 3.30pm 50m Precision revolver/pistol Class 3; 4.15pm 50m O/H Musket Open Class; 5pm 50m O/H Musket Firelock Class Only.

Saturday, April 20: 9am 50m O/H Military Rifle Class 1; 9.45am 50m Snap Military Rifle Class 1; 10.30am 50m O/H Traditional Rifle Class 2; 11.15am 50m Snap Traditional Rifle Class 2; 12 noon Second Details (if required); 1.30pm 50m O/H Flintlock Rifle Class 4; 2.15pm 50m Kneeling Flintlock Rifle Class 4; 3pm 50m O/H (Any Rifle) Vetterli MLAIC; 3.45pm 100m Benchrest BPCR ASSRA Black Powder Cartridge; 4.30pm 100m O/H BPCR ASSRA Black Powder Cartridge.

Sunday, April 21: 9am 100m Benchrest Military Rifle Class 1; 9.45am 100m Prone Military Rifle Class 1; 10.30am 100m Benchrest Traditional Rifle Class 2; 11.15am 100m Cross Sticks Traditional Rifle Class 2; 12noon 100m Prone Rifle Flintlock Class 4; 1.30pm Second Details (if required); 2.45pm 100m Benchrest Open Rifle Class 3; 3.45pm 100m Prone Rifle Whitworth MLAIC; 4.30pm 100m 3 Position Open Rifle Class 3.

Monday, April 22: 9am 200m Benchrest Open Rifle Class 3; 10am 200m Benchrest BPCR ASSRA Black Powder Cartridge; 11.30am Shotgun Trap Percussion; 1pm Shotgun Trap Firelock.

Presentation dinner on Monday night, venue to be confirmed. Program may vary due to match scheduling, weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Shooters will have to be aware of squadding times for each event on the day.


All pistol/rifle $5 per event, shotgun $7 (maximum for adult $100, junior $50). Nominations to be lodged with SSAA Para Branch, PO Box 2013, Adelaide, SA 5001 or email: [email protected] Cheques/money orders payable to SSAA Para Branch. EFTPOS is available at the range.


As per Muzzleloading Rulebook No.7.


National medals and perpetual trophies for aggregates. Prize table.


Camping available (limited number of power sites), toilets and showers. Canteen with lunch each day (pies, pasties, hot chips etc, cold drinks and snacks). Limited supplies of black powder (Swiss and Wano) can be bought at the range. Please pre-order any powder purchases to ensure stock is available. Barbecue dinner Saturday night after discipline meeting.

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