SSAA National Combined Services Championships

October 20-22, 2018 - SSAA Blue Hills, Tasmania

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Thursday, October 19: Practice available.

Friday, October 20: Pistol and 310 Cadet Rifle Pistol - scrutineering 7.30am, briefing 8.30am, competition starts 9am. Class 1, 2 and 3 pistols, competitors may shoot up to two classes per match only. Medals for all pistol events, team events, topgun and topgun junior. National Discipline Combined Services sub-committee AGM at 6pm or sooner.

Saturday, October 21: Standard and Accurised Rifle - scrutineering 7.30am, Standard and Accurised-only briefing 8.30am, competition starts 9am. Medals for all rifle events, team event, topgun and topgun junior. Topgun and team event based on combined scores.

Sunday, October 22: Long range event F1, F2, T/J and 22 Trainer rifle. Scrutineering 7.30 am, Tactical and Trainer briefing 8.30am, competition starts 9am.


Pistol only $40, all rifle only $60, individual events $10, all matches $100. If nomination received by October 6, reduced price of $90 applies for all matches. Juniors half price. Current SSAA and grading cards must be produced at registration, no grading card is automatic entry to highest grade contested by three or more competitors. All competitors will receive a patch.

Contact: email [email protected]


This program will be conducted in accordance with Combined Services Official National Rules (revised 2017) No.4 reprinted 2018

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