SSAA NSW Muzzleloading Postal Shoot

1 February - 31 May, 2018 - Postal Shoot

[ Muzzleloading ]


Class 1 – Military Rifle

  1. 50m Offhand
  2. 100m Benchrest

Class 2 – Traditional Rifle

  1. 50m Offhand
  2. 100m Benchrest

Class 3 – Open Rifle

  1. 100m Benchrest
  2. 200m Benchrest

50m Offhand Firelock Rifle (Flintlock, Matchlock, Wheellock)

50m Offhand Open Musket (Caplock or Firelock)

Muzzleloading Shotgun 25 clays (signed copy of score sheet to be submitted)

25m Percussion Revolver

25m Caplock Pistol

25m Firelock Pistol

100m Benchrest BP Cartridge Rifle

100m Offhand BP Cartridge Rifle

25m BP Cannon

15 events in all


Closing date for submissions is 31 May.


Targets to be shot in an approved match event conducted according to the rules in National Muzzle Loading rule book 6. Targets are to be signed and dated by the shooter and the Range Officer of the day. They can be sent as a photograph with a close up of the scoring area and a separate photo of the whole target. Except for shotgun and cannon, all events are 13 shots, ten to count. Print shooter’s name and the event shot on the target. Target is the 50m rapid fire pistol target as used in state and national events. All events to be shot on the standard rapid fire pistol target, as it is not possible for most competitors to get unused French or ASSRA targets.


Certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be issued at the NSW State Muzzleloading AGM in October.

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