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WA State Muzzleloading Championships - Pt 1

March 17-18 and 25th, 2018 - Perth Muzzleloading Club, Wanneroo Shooting Complex, WA

[ Muzzleloading ]


8am start each day and March 25 with a 9am start.

25m Precision Revolver, Cl 1
25m Timed Fire Revolver, Cl 1

25m Precision Pistol, Cl 2
25m Timed Fire Pistol, Cl 2

25m Precision Pistol/Revolver, Cl 3
50m Precision Pistol/Revolver, Cl 3

25m Firelock Pistol, Smoothbore
25m Firelock Pistol, Rifled

25m BP Ctg Rev (15 min detail), Cl 4
25m BP Ctg Rev (5 min detail), Cl 4

50m Offhand Musket, Firelock
50m Offhand Musket, Open

Percussion Shotgun, Trap
Firelock Shotgun, Trap

25m Cannon, Smoothbore

50m Offhand Cartridge Rifle
100m Offhand Cartridge Rifle
100m Benchrest Cartridge Rifle
200m Benchrest Cartridge Rifle

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