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2016 SSAA NSW Muzzleloading Rifle Titles

29-30 October 2016 - Windamere Range, SSAA Mudgee

[ Muzzleloading ]

Roger Awcock, Mark Sobierjaski, Shayne Barnsley and Ian Hanlon took the honours with some impressive performances in the 2016 SSAA NSW Muzzleloading Rifle Titles held at the Windamere Range over the last weekend in October.

The weather was fine and warm, with the winds light as Awcock, Sobierjaski, Barnsley and Hanlon made up the top four in the overall aggregate after each enjoyed success in a series of disciplines.

There were fewer shooters than expected but this may have been caused by a change of venue at short notice. Only one lady shooter, Patricia Hanlon, took part but she was happy to complete the formalities in her categories.

Thanks were in order to the outstanding efforts of Frank Colzato, who made up the target frames and transported them to the site. Frank also helped to move them during the competition with assistance from Burt Wise and Ian Hanlon.

Organisers were also grateful to Andrew Prowse and the Windamere Range Management Committee for making the location available at short notice.

Also playing their part were Tricia Hanlon, chief scorer, and Barrie Pennings, who looked after the barbecue as well as other competitors who pitched in as required.

At the AGM, Shayne Barnsley took over the State Muzzleloading Chairman’s role from Ian Hanlon, who wished his successor well with that job.


200m BPC
1Mark Sobierjaski73
2Shayne Barnsley62
3Glenn Barnsley40
100m BPC
1Mark Sobierjaski90
2Shayne Barnsley71
3Glenn Barnsley68
100m Class 1 Benchrest
1Roger Awcock90
2Glenn Barnsley79.1
3Shayne Barnsley71
100m Class 1 Prone
1Mark Sobierjaski79
2Roger Awcock77
3Burt Wise75
100m Class 2 Benchrest
1Mark Sobierjaski85
2Roger Awcock77
3Shayne Barnsley72
100m Class 2 X-sticks
1Mark Sobierjaski82
2Shayne Barnsley79
3Roger Awcock75
100m Class 3 Benchrest
1Mark Sobierjaski93.2
2Ian Hanlon89
3Roger Awcock84
100m Class 3 Any Field Position
1Mark Sobierjaski98.1
2Roger Awcock89.1
3Shayne Barnsley88
50m Vetterli Offhand
1Frank Colzato87
2Roger Awcock87
3Ian Hanlon86
50m Open Smoothbore Musket
1Mark Sobierjaski80
2Ian Hanlon70
3Shayne Barnsley66
50m Firelock Rifle Offhand
1Ian Hanlon62
2Frank Colzato44
3Burt Wise43
50m Class 1 Offhand
1Roger Awcock86.1
2Shayne Barnsley86
3Ian Hanlon78.1
50m Class 2 Offhand
1Shayne Barnsley89.1
2Peter Burgess85
3Roger Awcock84.1
Ladies 50m Class 2 Offhand
1Patricia Hanlon34
Ladies 50m X-sticks
1Patricia Hanlon65
Ladies 50m Benchrest
1Patricia Hanlon81.2
25m Caplock Pistol
1Shayne Barnsley88
2Frank Colzato77
3Ian Hanlon63
25m Caplock Revolver
1Shayne Barnsley69
2Mark Sobierjaski67
3Barrie Pennings35
25m Firelock Pistol
1Barrie Pennings49
2Shayne Barnsley48
3Ian Hanlon23
Class 1 Aggregate
1Roger Awcock253.1
2Glenn Barnsley217.2
3Shayne Barnsley217
Class 2 Aggregate
1Mark Sobierjaski249
2Shayne Barnsley240.1
3Roger Awcock236.1
Class 3 Aggregate
1Mark Sobierjaski280.3
2Roger Awcock263.1
3Ian Hanlon238
Master Marksman
1Roger Awcock937.3
2Mark Sobierjaski909.3
3Shayne Barnsley854.1

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