2016 SSAA Qld Rifle Metallic Silhouette State Championships

30 April - 2 May 2016 - 30 April - 2 May 2016

[ Rifle Metallic Silhouette ]

The 2016 SSAA Queensland Rifle Metallic Silhouette State Championships were held at the SSAA Brisbane Branch from April 30 to May 2. Events contested included Service Rifle, Rimfire Silhouette Rifle,  Centrefire Silhouette Rifle, Rimfire Hunting Rifle and Centrefire Hunting Rifle.

The results for the 4-Gun Aggregate are as follows:

1Chris Dale62562723168
2Mal Smith61483118158
3Allan Murray57502921157
4Jared McCarthy51432518137
5Brenden Guse53372121132
6Sue Murray46432021130
7Michael Andronis54312517127
8Greg Riemer49382215124
9Talia Crouch3027251597
10Chris Crouch362012876
11Rhys Frampton2716161170
12Bill Wardale321315666
13Darren Boughen221517862
14Kurt Stoll331012358
15Ben Everson28419253
16Daniel Everson30516152
17Fraser Mapperson24712447
18Adrian Blinco1934329
19Jessica Blinco1343323
Open Juniors
1Talia Crouch3027251597
2Fraser Mapperson24712447
3Jessica Blinco1343323
Under 15 Juniors
1Kurt Stoll331012358

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