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2017 Queensland State Muzzleloading Titles

14 – 15TH October 2017 - SSAA Inglewood Branch, Queensland

[ Muzzleloading ]
25m Precision Revolver Class 1 
Tony Van Elst84
Des Prowse83
Tom Donald65
25m Timed Fire Revolver Class 1 
Tony Van Elst78.1
Glenn Holmes66
Des Prowse59
25m Precision Pistol Class 2 
Des Prowse90.1
Tony Van Elst80
Robert Rosier67
25m Timed Fire Pistol Class 2 
Tony Van Elst79
Des Prowse76.1
Robert Rosier58
25m Precision Revolver/Pistol class 3 
Des Prowse90
Tony Van Elst84
Robert Rosier80
50m Precision Revolver/Pistol Class 3 
Tony Van Elst74
Des Prowse70
Robert Rosier59.1
Pistol/Revolver Aggregate 
Tony Van Elst321.1
Des Prowse308.2
Robert Rosier229
50m Off Hand Military Rifle Class 1 
Jeff De Lacey88
Peter Burke84
Des Prowse83.1
50m Snap Military Rifle Class 1 
Des Prowse79
Jeff De Lacey77
Robert Rosier69
100m Bench Rest Military Rifle Class 1 
Jeff De Lacey81.1
Richard Hails77
Peter Burke74
Military Rifle Class 1 Aggregate 
Jeff De Lacey246.1
Des Prowse231.2
Peter Burke217
50m Off Hand Traditional Rifle Class 2 
Des Prowse92.2
Jeff De Lacey89
Peter Burke83.1
50m Snap Traditional rifle Class 2 
Glenn Holmes87
Des Prowse73
Peter Burke71
100m Bench Rest Traditional Rifle Class 2 
Des Prowse98.3
Peter Burke78
Robert Rosier64
Traditional Rifle Class 2 Aggregate 
Des Prowse263.5
Peter Burke232.1
Robert Rosier202
100m Bench Rest Open Rifle Class 3  
Des Prowse97
Ian Hanlon83
Peter Burke72
100m Prone Open Rifle Class 3 
Des Prowse90.1
Jeff De Lacey72
Peter Burke58
200m Bench Rest Open Rifle Class 3 
Des Prowse94
Ian Hanlon81
Peter Burke64
Open Rifle Class 3 Aggregate 
Des Prowse281.1
Ian Hanlon209
Peter Burke194
50m Off Hand Firelock Rifle Class 4 
Des Prowse86.1
Gordon Gentle73.1
Robert Rosier70
50m Kneeling Firelock Rifle Class 4 
Des Prowse94.2
Gordon Gentle85
Robert Rosier78
100m Sitting Firelock Rifle Class 4 
Des Prowse72
Gordon Gentle64
Jeff De Lacey60.1
Firelock Rifle Class 4 Aggregate 
Des Prowse252.3
Gordon Gentle222.1
Robert Rosier178
50m Off Hand Open Musket 
Des Prowse86
Jeff De Lacey83
Robert Rosier36
50m Off Hand flintlock Musket 
Des Prowse81
Jeff De Lacey67
Ian Hanlon62
25 Clay Targets Percussion Shotgun 
Tony Van Elst21
Paul Lunin15
Des Prowse15
Grand Aggregate 
Des Prowse721.7
Robert Rosier551
Tony Van Elst531.1

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