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2017 SSAA IHMSA Big Bore, Smallbore and Field Pistol Postal Shoot

1 March-31 May 2017

[ Handgun Metallic Silhouette ]

This year’s SSAA IHMSA Big Bore, Smallbore and Field Pistol Postal Shoot was contested between 1 March and 31 May 2017. The results are as follows:

Big Bore

UINTDean CooperWichita .30838
UASAAAMarcus DavieRem 3.00/22140
USAAMarcus DavieRem .300/22128
UHSASINTDean CooperWichita 7BR35
UHSASAAMarcus DavieRem .300/22133
PINTRob AbelBF 7US37
SADave HowardS&W .3578


PAAMarcus DavieT/C31
PAADave WiggerBuckmark27
SAMarcus DavieT/C16
UASAAAMarcus DavieCharger37
UASAAADave WiggerBuckmark29
UASAADanny TodorovicCharger32
UASAADanny TodorovicCharger (re-entry)34

Field Pistol

PAAMarcus DavieT/C .327 Fed27
PACody AbelT/C .25-2019
PADanny TodorovicS&W .35712
PASAARob AbelT/C .22H30

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