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2017 SSAA National Rimfire Benchrest Championships

8-12 March 2017 - Dairyville Range

[ Benchrest ]

The SSAA National Rimfire Benchrest Championships were held at the Dairyville Range from March 8 to 12, 2017 with a bumper turn-out. There were 47 entrants in the Light Benchrest (LB), with 77 in the Heavy Benchrest (HB) and 81 in the IRB. This was a fantastic number of competitors for the event and general consensus from everyone who attended was that they enjoyed the shoot. In fact, the HB had to be held over two days as Dairyville only has 15 benches and it would have been impossible with so many entries to finish both the 50 yards and 100 yards in one day.

The wind was diabolical throughout but even so some great scores were achieved. The shooters were blessed with no rain but had the event been scheduled for the following week, it would have had to be cancelled as around 500mm was dumped in a deluge.

Once again, the organisers would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers because without their help, nothing would happen. Thank you also to all the competitors who contributed to buy a Memorial Shield for one of the late members and club stalwart Neil Starr. This will be awarded to the winner of the combined 2-Gun and IRB at future National Championships. It was carried off for the first time by Paul Sullivan.

Other results included:

Light Benchrest top 10

Bill Simmons0.7107
Brett Wilson0.7418
Brian Mitchell0.8021
Norm Bardell0.8316
Keith Smith0.8367
Paul Sullivan0.8434
Richard Powell0.8783
Neil Digweed0.8791
Glenn Seaman0.8827
Ben West.9133.

Heavy Benchrest top 10

Ben West0.6038
Bill Simmons0.6329
Paul Sullivan0.6627
Russell Gibson0.6728
Robin Cox0.6779
Neil Digweed0.6925
Brett Wilson0.7018
John Patzwald0.706
Norm Bardell0.7068
Chris Parry0.7218

IRB top 10

Paul Sullivan1494.1
Robin Cox1493.1
Stuart Elliott1493.81
Brett Wilson1491.98
Neil Digweed1486.9
Brian Mitchell1486.71
Janette Mitchell1485.86
Norm Bardell1485.81
Nic Ward1484.73
Caden Bardell1483.76 (Junior)

2-Gun top 10

Bill Simmons0.6718
Brett Wilson0.7218
Paul Sullivan0.753
Ben West0.7585
Norm Bardell0.7692
Brian Mitchell0.7697
Neil Digweed0.7858
Russell Gibson0.799
Don Powell0.8438
Richard Powell0.865

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