3rd SSAA Fly National Championships

8-9 March 2014 - SSAA Majura Range

[ Fly Shoot ]
500m Fly Light Gun
 NameTotal LGFly Count
1Michael Bell259.066
2Tyson Trotter249.022
3Anthony Hall240.033
4Chris Goulden229.033
5Stephen Pelin229.011
500m Fly Heavy Gun
 NameTotal HGFly Count
1Tyson Trotter266.055
2Annie Elliott258.055
3Michael Bell240.022
4Anthony Hall232.000
5Lee-Ann VM228.022
Combined Leader Board
 NameHGLGFly Count
1Tyson Trotter266.050.005
2Michael Bell0.00259.066
3Annie Elliott258.050.005
4Tyson Trotter0.00249.022
5Anthony Hall0.00240.033
Dirty Dozen
1Tyson TrotterHG266.05
2Michael BellLG259.06
3Annie ElliottHG258.05
4Anthony HallLG240.03
5Chris GouldenLG229.03
6Stephen PelinLG229.01
7Lee-Ann VMHG228.02
8Barry TuckerLG227.00
10Rick CollinsLG221.00
11Les FraserLG221.00
12Dave GrovesHG220.02

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