SSAA National 10 metre Precision Scoped Air Rifle Postal Competition

1 July - 30 September 2014

[ Field Rifle, 3-Positional, Scoped Air Rifle and NRA Any Sight ]
Name State Class Grade Total Overall Result Junior Result
Jordan Robinson SA U15 AA 400.24 1st AA 1st U15
Alex Payne SA U18 M 400.23 1st Master 1st U18
Adam Seccafien SA U18 AA 393.13 2nd AA 2nd U18
Tony Andrews SA Snr M 389.15 2nd Master  
Nathan Birch SA Snr AA 388.13 3rd AA  
Bill O’Connor Vic Snr B 357.06 1st B  
Lynette Warren SA Snr B 354.03 2nd B  
Jenny Emery Vic Snr B 350.04 3rd B  
Leigh Eagles Vic Snr C 346.07 1st C  
David Emery Vic Snr C 340.04 2nd C  
Katie Twining Vic Snr C 339.04 3rd C  
Jo Roberts SA U15 B 335.03   2nd U15
Callum Medder SA U18 B 329.04   3rd U18
Royce Bux Vic Snr B 328.01    
Paula Mitchell Vic Snr B 323.03    
Brooklyn Morcom SA U15 C 322.01   3rd U15
Kassi Moat Vic U15 B 314.01    
Karak Bux Vic U15 C 312.02    
David Zielinksi Vic Snr C 287.01    
Hayley Turner Vic U18 C 263.03    

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