SSAA National Action Match Championships

26-27 October 2014 - Blacktown Pistol Club

[ Action Match ]

The 2014 SSAA National Action Match Championships were held at the Blacktown Pistol Club in New South Wales on October 26 and 27 in unseasonably hot conditions, with the temperature getting to almost 40C on the Sunday.

Competitors from all over Australia and New Zealand vied for the National Title. The 2014 Championship was won by Craig Ginger, with Glenn Land second and Jim Straader third, to produce a home range trifecta.

Craig also won the Metallic division, narrowly over Queenslander Nigel Gordon, who had shown great consistency over the weekend. Greg Van Borssum placed third.

The Open division and therefore the National Championships was won by Mark Blake from Victoria, who continued his excellent form from the latter part of 2014 to shoot a perfect score of 1920/1920 at the championships. “It was a tough two days with the match handing the balance between some of the best shooters in Australia,” said Mark after his win. “I now look forward to the preparation for the 2015 Bianchi Cup as part of the SSAA Australia Team.”

The Open division was hotly contested and although Mark emerged victorious, it was a very close race with only 10 points separating first and 10th place. Traditionally, the Moving Target event is the final event to be shot by the higher ranked shooters and the order of shooters is determined by their current score going into the final event in a deliberate attempt to build pressure on these competitors. Although six of these shooters were sitting on perfect scores going into the final event, and a number only two points down, a surprise emerged from the shooters in the other rotation. Ken ‘Chooky’ Fowles, a long-time senior shooter, had shot a personal best of 1918/1920 and was sitting in the box seat to take out the championships. As the High Master grade shooters commenced their final event, Chooky started to slide down the places in an unbelievable situation where a 1918 was not going to win the championships. Mark Blake, closed out the Moving Target event without dropping any points, however the others yet to shoot, including Craig Ginger and Brent Millard, from New Zealand, could still win on the X-count if they shot a ‘clean mover’. When the dust settled, Mark was victorious, with Brett Foster, Nigel Gordon, John Beck and Chooky all shooting 1918 and only being separated on the X-count. It was a great finish to a tough day of shooting.

The Ladies division, although not producing the scores the shooters were hoping for, was also a tight competition, with Cherie Blake winning the Ladies National Championship by only one point from the ‘comeback queen’ (ex Bianchi Cup and World Champion) Robyn Ginger. Tiffany Piper, from New Zealand, placed third.

These National Championships were the final shoot for selection of the 2015 SSAA Bianchi Cup Team. The team members include Mark Blake, Craig Ginger, John Beck, Steve Schrader and Cherie Blake. The 2015 National Championships will be in Adelaide and will include the Open, Metallic and Production divisions contended.

Open Class by Grade
High Master1Mark Blake480454804248029480481920164 
 2Brett Foster480464804447831480481918169 
 3Nigel Gordon480434803647838480481918165 
 4John Beck480414803647827480481918152 
 5Ken Fowles480424802947828480481918147Senior
 6Brett Millard480484804247629480481916167 
 7Adrian Berthelsen480434782847833480481916152 
 8Steve Schader480464763547829480481914158 
 9Craig Ginger480464804447032480481910170 
 10Geoffrey Matthews480454744147633480481910167 
 11David Bartlett480464803746820480481908151 
 12Brenton Hayes476334783147431480481908143 
 13Leon Ovens480404703547530480481905153Senior
 14Richard Siebert478454744047128480481903161 
 15Robert Perry480394782946326480481901142 
 16Allan Harriman480444783646023480481898151 
 17Tony Drabsch478444804646929470471897166 
 18Cherie Blake470344622547627480481888134Lady
 19Robyn Ginger470404643447333480481887155Lady
 20Chris Mathiou478364742746525470471887135 
 21Josh Sweeny480484783744631480481884165 
 22Iain Buchanan474374783446025470471882143Senior
 23Greg Van Borssum480384532046121470471864126 
 24Karl Piper480454804445231450451862165 
Master1Ray Pulver480424703147022480481900143Senior
 2Trevor Wilkin478404712846529480481894136Senior
Metallic Class
Master1Craig Ginger476334783646530480481899147 
Master2Nigel Gordon462234763947627480481894127 
Master3Greg Van Borssum442184702545625480481848116 
Master4Chris Mathiou439214692446814470471846106 
Master5Brenton Hayes43120448164501245045177993 
Expert6Leon Ovens43713443184281443943173888Senior
Master7Richard Siebert46017411114261742942171787 
Expert8John Beck4141940584251342042166482 
Sharpshooter9Kevin White3861239994131332932151866Senior
Sharpshooter10Robert Jones409133526403932032148460Senior
Expert11Trevor Wilkin35214419133781121021135959Senior
Sharpshooter12Robert Perry4471938084291400125641 
Metallic Production Class
Expert1Craig Ginger460184501747227400401782102
Marksman2Glenn Land42615424184572943043173796
Sharpshooter3Jim Staader41312423174401944044171692
Sharpshooter4Greg Van Borssum44316426294371840040170694
Sharpshooter5Richard Siebert41511381124231336036157972
Expert6Tony Drabsch44812429144501800132744

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