SSAA National IRB and Rimfire Benchrest Championships

5-8 April 2014 - SSAA Silverdale

[ Benchrest ]

Held at Harry Luhr Range, Silverdale, the IRB competitions began on Saturday, April 5, with Peter Armstrong placing first with 746.44, Robin Cox second with 742.44 and James Smith third with 741.47. On Sunday, Peter Armstrong placed first with 744.48, Robin Cox second with 742.36 and Richard Lightfoot third with 742.36. Peter Armstrong won the IRB Aggregate with 1490.92, with Robin Cox and James Smith second and third respectively on 1484.80 and 1483.76. Some great shooting was seen by all the competitors, with six 250s shot.

On Monday, Light Rimfire started the group competition, with competitors having to shoot five groups at 50m and five groups at 100 yards. In the 50m, Brian Mitchell came first with .7696, Robin Cox second with .7820 and John Patzwald was third. The frames were then moved out to 100 yards, where John Patzwald came first with a possible record of .5496, followed by Ashley Elford with .7854 and Jillian Felton with .8926. The 50/100 Aggregate winner was John Patzwald with .6662, followed by Robin Cox with .8541 and Bill Jupp with .8595.

On Tuesday, shooters completed the Heavy Rimfire group shooting. In the 50m, Bill Jupp came first with .4720, Jaegan Peet second with .4952 and Kim Cosstick third with .5344. The frames were again moved out to 100 yards, where Kim Cosstick placed first with .5804, Bill Jupp second with .6988 and John Patzwald third with .7244. The 50/100 Aggregate winner was Kim Cosstick with .5574, with Bill Jupp second with .5854 and Jaegan Peet third with .6572.

Next up were three Screamer groups at 50m and two at 100 yards in Heavy Rimfire. The smallest group at 50m was .131 shot by Bill Jupp, while at 100 yards junior shooter Emily Seaman shot .340. The Rimfire Group 2-Gun Light Rimfire and Heavy Rimfire winner was John Patzwald with .7118, followed by Bill Jupp with .7225 and Robin Cox with .7665.

Thanks to the target crew, range staff and our cooks John and Wendy.

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