SSAA National Lever Action Classic Calibre Postal Shoot

1-31 March 2015

[ Lever Action ]
1SSAA Albany Lever Action Club WA Team 11259.14
2SSAA Parra SA1243.9
3SSAA Northern Rivers Branch NSW - Team 11206.7
4SSAA Perth Lever Action Rifle Club (PLARC) Team 11197.1
5SSAA Australian Capital Territory - Team 11170.9
6SSAA Fraser Coast Qld Team “A”1143.9
7SSAA Townsville Qld - Team 11106.7
8SSAA Townsville Qld - Team 21061.6
9SSAA Bowen Qld991
10SSAA Mackay Qld940
11SSAA Fraser Coast Qld Team “B”874.2
12SSAA Albany Lever Action Club WA Team 2731.6
13SSAA Townsville Qld - Team 3659.3
14SSAA Perth Lever Action Rifle Club (PLARC) Team 2600.2
15SSAA Townsville Qld - Team 4552.5
16SSAA Fraser Coast Qld Team “C”511.2

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