SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Titles

10-11 May 2014 - SSAA Hay Branch

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The SSAA Hay Branch held a successful NSW 5-Stand State Titles on the weekend of May 10 and 11, with visitors coming from Bermagui, Canberra, Temora, Griffith, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, Bateau Bay, Gosford and Moama to try for team selection for New South Wales. Two ranges were set with very different targets presented to shooters. Darren Macartney and Greg Allen utilised the 100ft tower and box trees to create some challenging targets, and Jesse Thomson, Simon Gee and Peter Jacka set their range using the 50ft tower with open ground and empty water-holes.

The weather on Saturday afternoon threatened rain, but held off until shooting finished. The light fog on Sunday morning lifted before shooting commenced, presenting a beautiful, clear day. Five shooters shot a perfect 25 round on the 50ft tower range, coming back to the clubhouse with smiles on their faces.

Sara and Max kept the shooters well fed over the weekend and provided a lovely barbecue and sweets for dinner. Shoot administration was run by Jan, with scores being tallied for the weekend and determining the five team members for the NSW 5-Stand Team.

Brett Inch from Temora shot consistently over the weekend, and his efforts rewarded him with High Gun.

At the completion of the weekend the SSAA NSW 5-Stand Team was announced. This was determined by adding their best three percentages scores (from the five state selection shoots) and State Title percentage score added together. The top five shooters are: Brett Inch 389.3%, Grant Barton 387.0%, Greg Allen 384.4%, Frank Tagliapetria 384.1% and Peter Jacka 382.9%. First and second reserves are Matt Webster 381.3% and Darren Macartney 378.8%

Other winners were:
High Gun: Brett Inch 179/200
AA grade: Matt Webster (Canberra) 175, Grant Barton (Bathurst) 174, Frank Tagliapetria (Griffith) 167
A grade: Brent Suprain (Bateau Bay) 167, Alf Gugliemino (Griffith) 164, Jamie Cirillo (Griffith) 163
B grade: Angelo Salamon (Griffith) 161, Peter Hutchings (Canberra) 144 after a shoot-off with Tony Aldred (Hay) 144
Veterans: Sig Gugliemino (Griffith) 168, Alec Ceccato (Griffith) 162, Warren Brown (Griffith) 149
Ladies: Casey Jacka (Hay) 142, Jan Jacka (Hay) 126
Sub Juniors: Brandon Gugliemino (Griffith) 117, Mikayla Macartney (Hay) 86

State Title Percentage Scores:
Brett Inch 100%, Matt Webster 97.8%, Grant Barton 97.2%, Sid Gugliemino 93.9%, Frank Tagliapetria 93.3%, Brent Suprain 93.3%, Alf Gugliemino 91.6%, Peter Jacka 91.6%, Greg Allen 91.1%, Jamie Cirillo 91.1%, Alec Ceccato 90.5%, Angelo Salamon 89.9%, Darren Macartney 89.4%, Andrew Webb 87.7%, Simon Gee 84.4%, Warren Brown 83.2%, Tony Aldred 80.4%, Peter Hutchings 80.4%, John Norris 78.8%, Casey Jacka 79.3%, Romain Devaud 76.5%, Roger Kerslake 76%, Colin Kneebone 74.9%, Jesse Thomson 72.6%, Jan Jacka 70.4%, Brandon Gugliemino 65.4%, Brian Weeding 54.7%, Mikayla Macartney 48%, Anthony Mancini 41.3%

by SSAA NSW Shotgun Assistant Discipline Chairman Jan Jacka

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