SSAA NSW Lever Action State Championships

29-30 March 2014 - SSAA Majura Range

[ Lever Action ]

The organisation of the 2014 SSAA NSW Lever Action State Titles was thrown into disarray in November 2013 when some new state regulations came into play, preventing the Centrefire 3-Positional shooting from being held on the Casino Rifle Range. Fortunately, an alternative range location was quickly found, with SSAA ACT offering their facilities at Majura Range. This also meant moving the date forward from July 5 and 6 to the weekend of March 29 and 30.

It seemed that the drought had really broken with rain on the days prior to and including the practice day on Friday, March 28. Despite heavy early morning fog providing a new dimension to the pre-shoot practice (remember that Lever Action is shot with open sights), the main competition days cleared by 9.30am to provide the best of shooting conditions.

As might be expected due to the late changes, attendance was down on previous years. A total of 28 competitors attended, with interstate competitors travelling from Albany in WA and Bowen in Queensland. The local ACT shooters obviously had the least distance to travel, while NSW shooters came from the Southern Highlands, Newcastle, Taree Wingham, Coffs Harbour, Merriwa, Coonarbarabran and Northern Rivers branches. All in all, a very successful competition was held.

Steve Hurley from Albany lifted the bar again by dropping only 7 points on the first eight targets of the Open event. He won the Open and 2-Gun events. However, Don Chesworth from Northern Rivers, NSW, upset the current Australian Champion with a win in the Classic Calibre.

The Ladies Open and the Classic Calibre were both won by Gwen Murrell from Newcastle.

The Juniors Open and Classic Calibre events were both won by Alex Williams, and Nick Wagner, a junior from Merriwa branch, was runner up.

Some 19 competitors qualified for the Veterans and Seniors categories. The Veteran Classic and Veteran Open events were won by Richard Colmer from Albany. Don Chesworth won the Senior Classic and Jim Buckley won the Senior Open.

A big thank you is required for Col Rees for enabling the use of the SSAA ACT Majura Range, and Jenny Rees for organising the Saturday night dinner. Many thanks to the competitors who pitched in with range officer and target changing duties, and thank you to the non-competing ladies who volunteered to do the scoring.

Recognition is also due to the significant sponsorship provided by Total Solutions Engineering, RDT Products, Queensland Gun Exchange, Rebel Gun Works, Extreme Outdoor, A&R Industrial, and Jim Buckley, totalling $3000. Murray Turner won a raffle for a RCBS chronograph sponsored by Suffolks Sports Store.

1Steve HurleyAAAMAdt222Rem469.9
2Jim BuckleyAAAMSnr222Rem442.7
3Don ChesworthAAAMSnr6mm250Sav429.8
4Craig CousinsAAMAdt22LR426.7
5Timothy ReesAMAdt222Rem414.2
6Richard ColmerAAMVet222Rem410.2
7Kevin BarringtonAAMVet22Mag407.3
8Jim EllisAAMAdt22Mag403.3
9Greg HoganAAMAdt22LR387.2
10Bill WellingtonAMSnr22Mag386.2
11Paul JamesAAMVet22LR378.2
12Gwen MurrellALSnr22LR368.1
13Allan McDonaldAMVet222Rem367.3
13Larry MurrellAAMSnr243Win367.3
15Col ReesAAMSnr22LR364.2
16Richard CalverAAMSnr222Rem355.3
17Scott WagnerBMAdt22LR344.3
18Kerry GuineaAMSnr218Bee333.5
19Geoff ThomasAAMVet22LR330.3
20Alex WilliamsCMJnr22LR316
21Ralph WilliamsBMSnr22LR315.2
22Tony WagnerCMAdt22Mag314.3
23Peter CousinsCMVet22 Mag294
24Russell SmithBMSnr22LR253
25Nick WagnerCMJnr22Mag240.1
26Murray TurnerBMSnr223Rem229.2
27Robyn BarringtonCLSnr22LR189.2
28Josephine GuineaCLSnr22 Mag116
Classic Calibre
1Don ChesworthAAAMSnr25-35318.2
2Jim BuckleyAAMSnr25-35301.5
3Steve HurleyAAAMAdt218Bee298.1
4Bill WellingtonBMSnr25-35279.2
5Timothy ReesAAMAdt30-30278.3
6Jim EllisAMAdt218Bee262.1
7Craig CousinsAMAdt30-30259.2
8Richard ColmerAMVet218Bee248.1
9Scott WagnerBMAdt218Bee245.1
10Richard CalverAAMSnr38Sp241.4
11Col ReesAAMSnr30-30238.3
12Ralph WilliamsBMSnr30-30227.2
13Greg HoganAMAdt44-40226.2
13Greg HoganAMAdt44-40226.2
15Paul JamesAMVet218Bee220.1
16Larry MurrellAMSnr30-30215
17Allan McDonaldCMVet357M207
18Kevin BarringtonAAMVet218Bee205.1
19Kerry GuineaBMSnr218Bee194
20Alex WilliamsCMJnr30-30186
21Tony WagnerCMAdt218Bee179.2
22Russell SmithBMSnr357M179.1
23Gwen MurrellBLSnr32-20169
24Nick WagnerCMJnr357M157
25Murray TurnerCMSnr30-30144
26Josephine GuineaCLSnr32-2045
27Robyn BarringtonCLSnr218Bee35
28Peter CousinsNo ScoreM022Mag176
2-Gun Aggregate
1Steve Hurley469.9298.1767.10
2Don Chesworth429.8318.2747.10
3Jim Buckley442.7301.5743.12
4Timothy Rees414.2278.3692.5
5Craig Cousins426.7259.2685.9
6Jim Ellis403.3262.1665.4
6Bill Wellington386.2279.2665.4
8Richard Colmer410.2248.1658.3
9Greg Hogan387.2226.2613.4
10Kevin Barrington407.3205.1612.4
11Col Rees364.2238.3602.5
12Paul James378.2220.1598.3
13Richard Calver355.3241.4596.7
13Richard Calver355.3241.4596.7
15Larry Murrell367.3215582.3
16Allan McDonald367.3207574.3
17Geoff Thomas330.3224.3554.6
18Ralph Williams315.2227.2542.4
19Gwen Murrell368.1169537.1
20Kerry Guinea333.5194527.5
21Alex Williams316186502
22Tony Wagner314.3179.2493.5
23Russell Smith253179.1432.1
24Nick Wagner240.1157397.1
25Murray Turner229.2144373.2
26Peter Cousins2940294
27Robyn Barrington189.235224.2
28Josephine Guinea11645161

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