Law Enforcement Activities

Law Enforcement Activities

Law Enforcement Activities is a handgun shooting discipline that aims to encourage organised competitive shooting of law enforcement-orientated Australian and international handgun matches. The matches involve the use of centrefire revolvers and self-loading pistols, which are shot at various targets from various distances and positions.


  • History

    Law Enforcement Activities was established as a discipline in 2014 in Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory to ensure the continued viability of clubs participating in the Australian Police Services Match (APSM) and NRA Police Pistol Combat (PPC) competitions, both of which have more than half a century of history in Australia and the United States. The discipline also recognises the advantages for law enforcement members in participating in the relatively new NRA Tactical Police Competition (TPC).

    At this time, National Championships have only been approved for the APSM competition by individuals in differing divisions. Conversely, the NRA PPC and TPC competitions (with variations to these rules for targets, classifications and other matters as determined by the SSAA) are approved on a trial basis for those clubs which have the appropriate range approvals.

  • Classes

    Handguns must comply with the state firearms legislation for the state of residency of the member, who must also possess the appropriate handgun licence and registration.

    Only centrefire handguns are used in these matches. The respective match rule books set out the handgun eligibility guidelines applicable to particular matches. At a club level gradings can be established from past performances to enable participants to compete against their peers and provide incentives for improvement.

  • Targets and Ammunition


    The targets used in Law Enforcement Activities matches are outlined in the respective match rule books. For example, in Australia the PPC match will use the target including the X-ring from the APSM rules Annexure A. A shot that touches a scoring line is given the higher value.


    The matches permit the use of any ammunition that is allowed by legislation, the specific match rules and that is approved for use at that particular range.

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