• What You Can Hunt

    This section presents some of the most common species that can be legally hunted in Australia. Most are classified as feral or pest animals and can be hunted any time. Others are classified as game animals where they are managed as a resource in regulated seasons and bag limits apply. Responsible hunters should be aware of all current licensing and regulations that they need to...

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  • State & Territory Hunting Regulations

    Hunting in Australia is regulated separately by each state and territory government. This has lead to a variety of different regulations and laws as well as different fees, charges and licence requirements. The following information provides a snapshot of what’s required to hunt in each state of Australia.

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  • Conservation & Wildlife Management Branches

    Within the SSAA, there are groups of shooters dedicated to the preservation of native Australian species. Conservation & Wildlife Management branch members use their shooting skills to assist in the conservation of native animals and the management or eradication of feral species. In order to participate in these activities, certain skills such as shot accuracy must be...

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  • Safety, Ethics and Etiquette

    Hunters are encouraged to conduct themselves in a safe and ethical manner to ensure that the future of recreational hunting and the shooting sports in general is protected. A hunter needs to understand and follow the principles of ethical hunting. They should always display an appreciation and adherence to sustainable wildlife management practices and obey all specific game and...

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