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  • What does the SSAA do for the environment?

    SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister recently wrote to each and every Federal politician illustrating the good work our members do for the environment and explaining one of the main reasons we hunt: to protect our native animals and plant life.

    “The SSAA strongly believes that hunting and the environment go together - like hand in glove,” said Tim. “Our members donate their time and efforts to help achieve very real conservational outcomes, such as a sprawling koala habitat in Queensland and supporting the survival of the Tasmanian devil.”

    More than 70,000 goats...

  • Academic Bursary Program

    The SSAA Academic Bursary Program is an ongoing grants initiative whereby the SSAA offers tertiary students a chance to secure a portion of an annual $10,000 bursary. The purpose of this bursary is to further the community’s understanding of conservation, hunting, recreational shooting and all related matters.

    EligibilityTo qualify, students must be enrolled at a recognised university (full or part-time) and have completed one year of university study. Applications must demonstrate creativity and the current study of subject matter relating to, or consistent with, the SSAA’s goals and philosophy as Australia’s leading...
  • 2013 Year of the Hunter

    In 2013, the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia is celebrating the hard work our hunters do behind the scenes by telling their story through the SSAA’s 2013 Year of the Hunter.

    Hunters are the people who manage wildlife on their own properties, volunteer their time and resources to help other people, participate in government-run wildlife management programs and recognise hunting as their occupation. Without the hard work of hunters, our vegetation would be more depleted and our landscape would be more eroded than it already is. Our nation’s farmers would struggle to produce crops...

  • Be Part of the Solution

    We at SSAA National know there is no one simple answer to managing the impacts of Australia’s most damaging species on private properties, public forests and parks across the country and that is why we are calling on new and existing SSAA members to be part of the solution…

    Using all the tools in the toolbox

    We at the SSAA believe that we must use all the management tools available to address our introduced and native wildlife management issues. The majority of wildlife managers agree that to have an effective management regime, you need...

  • Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport

    Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport is both a firearms safety campaign and publication promoted by the SSAA. The campaign has its roots from as early as 1999 when we encouraged SSAA clubs to focus on safe firearm storage by providing each club with a Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport poster for prominent display at their ranges.

    In 2003, we released our Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport brochure, which explained the definitions and capacity requirements for Category A, B, C, D and H firearms, provided contact details for...

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