Barbecue roo for Australia Day

Celebrate what your country has to offer this Australia Day and put kangaroo on the barbecue.

Australia’s abundance of wildlife offers us a virtual smorgasbord of game meats that are both a healthy and sustainable choice, so celebrate your country and respect its environment this January 26.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia is calling on Australians to look beyond the traditional lamb, pork or beef and explore the varied meat options available in our country.

The SSAA’s Matthew Godson said kangaroo and other wild food is already widely available in supermarkets, just waiting for shoppers to hunt down.

“Australia’s kangaroo industry is highly regulated and harvest numbers are set to ensure the sustainability of kangaroos into the future,” Matthew said.

“This harvest allows us to enjoy a healthy meat and ensures that an uncontrolled kangaroo population does not have negative effects on our farming industry and the environment.”

SSAA Media Officer Rachael Andrews said that barbecuers had no need to delve into the world of cooking kangaroo without guidance, with the SSAA’s Gourmand award-winning Field to Fork - The Australian Game Cookbook created to accompany cooks on their game meat journey.

See for more about game meat cooking.

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