• About Us

    The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) was established in 1948 in order to promote the shooting sports and protect firearm owners’ interests. Those roles remain the same today, and with more than 200,000 and more than 440 clubs, the SSAA is the premier sports shooting body representing licensed owners in Australia. The SSAA manages more than 18...

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  • Become a Shooter

    Shooting is one of the few sports that encourages and caters for the participation of the young and old, males and females, able-bodied and disabled. Sport shooting is a family-oriented pastime and as Australia’s largest and most active shooting organisation, the SSAA recognises the importance of encouraging people of all ages into the recreation. The process for becoming a...

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  • Join or Renew

    When you become a member of the SSAA, you become part of Australia’s largest shooting organisation and join thousands of other people around the country in ensuring the future of the shooting sports. Member Benefits The SSAA runs hundreds of shooting clubs around the country and represents the interests of firearms owners, shooters and hunters on a national and...

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  • Junior Shooters

    Shooting is one of the few sports that encourages and caters for the participation of the young and old, males and females, able-bodied and disabled. The SSAA and sports shooting overall is a family-orientated pastime and the whole family can enjoy a newfound group of friends, as well as many challenges, once the involvement begins. We offer SSAA junior memberships for those aged...

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  • Academic Bursary Program

    The SSAA Academic Bursary Program is an ongoing grants initiative whereby SSAA National offers tertiary students a chance to secure a portion of an annual $10,000 bursary. The purpose of this bursary is to further the community’s understanding of conservation, hunting, recreational shooting and all related matters. The bursary is open to SSAA and non-SSAA members....

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  • Position Statements

    As licensed, law-abiding firearm owners, sporting shooters and recreational hunters, we can be more effective if we communicate with one united voice - that is, if we all hold to the same general view, our voices will carry more weight in the public arena. SSAA National has developed statements on the following subjects to communicate our position on key issues. We have also...

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  • Member Action

    SSAA members often ask how they can help promote and protect the shooting sports at a grassroots level. Our best advice is to write to your local Member of Parliament. Your letters are very important; not only do they provide mandates for our politicians, but they also remind them that their constituents are passionate about certain issues. We also encourage you to express your...

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National E-newsletter

The SSAA National E-newsletter is a subscription email service available FREE of charge to SSAA members. It includes current and upcoming news, views and events about firearms ownership, sport shooting and recreational hunting issues, important SSAA news, special offers and time-sensitive news.

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