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Regarding the reference by John Dunn to William (Bill) Harrison (Top Shots, December 2018). As there appears to be no written history on the internet, here’s what I know of the man. From 1955-57 I worked on Cuddapan Station, Betoota, Queensland where Bill and his wife regularly visited, hunted and tested the latest rifles.

WH had a large quantity of new SS Lewis gun barrels and P14 rifles which he crafted into sporting rifles. He was a complete craftsman and did all his own stockwork, metalwork and chambering including the .22 Harrison Wasp, .250 Taipan and .303 Magnum.

In those days the US dollar exchange system made it almost impossible to buy a new American firearm. The brass cast bullet moulds he made carried a simple WH stamped on them and WH was part of a group who instigated the formation of the SSAA. After his wife was killed crossing the road in front of his house, WH ceased business.

His brass bullet moulds are identical and interchangeable with the Cast Bullet Engineering product so I’m almost certain WH’s mould-making machinery was sold off to become Cast Bullet Engineering.

Both Bill and his wife excelled with the rifle and as a couple hunted worldwide (she was a dab hand with a 6.5x53 Mannlicher Schonauer). They had a son, an engineer who flew a light plane as far as Diamantina doing charity work for aged land owners.

Clive Edmondstone, via email

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