A case for suppressors

After reading Daniel O’Dea’s article on suppressors (February 2019) I thought I’d share a story with you. I have a friend who has 350 acres and keeps sheep. Myself and a friend cull kangaroos for him, legally with a permit, and before we go out he emails his neighbours to let them know there will be shooting on his property.

One neighbour constantly hassles us for shooting, calling the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; Parks and Gardens; the police and whoever else, telling them bullets are ricocheting off his house. When police attended they laughed at him, telling him he hadn’t a leg to stand on. He’s even harassed us over the fence while we were working.

My point is, if we’re registered shooters with a permit why can’t we use suppressors? If we were allowed, all this harassment could be avoided.

Ashley Raven, via email

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