Absolutely no faith in the ABC

The ABC’s Four Corners episode Big Guns which aired late last year was, as usual, a targeted anti-gun media campaign. They trotted out the usual suspects for the Gun Control Lobby - Philip Alpers and Roland Browne - even though both ‘experts’ have been proven to use false, misleading statistics and outright lying when it comes to gun control.

The examples of ‘mass shootings’ again tried to paint shooting organisations as the evil behind these, yet the two instances shown were NSW Police failures.

I feel for Michelle Fernando in losing her father to her mentally ill sister, but we didn't hear why they were at the range and if her father had taken her there. And yet a licence application would have shown she was suffering a mental illness. How?

The ABC amply demonstrated its anti-gun bias yet again and I urge SSAA members to have no dealings with them. I still want the message of safe, responsible firearms owners, shooters, farmers and organisations to reach the public, but have no faith in the ABC to do that in an unbiased fashion. So much for the ‘People’s Broadcaster’.

Dave Hobbs, via email

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