Ear’s a good idea

I guess those who take shooting seriously would love a borescope to inspect the inside of their barrel but can’t justify the cost. Well, I think I’ve found the answer.

I’ve seen online several tiny cable-mounted cameras that would  almost do the job but all had the problem that their focal distance was a minimum of about 30cm and narrow, making them virtually useless. Now there’s a gadget on  the market that will work. eBay lists it as ‘Earpick Otoscope Endoscope Ear Spoon Borescope Ear Cleaning For Android PC’ and it’s designed for earwax removal.

There are a number of types on sale but the one mentioned has a parallel tube just small enough to enter a .22 barrel (mine anyway), it has a 15mm focal distance, wide lens, excellent magnification and a nice clear picture. A minor drawback is the small finger grip on the rear end which could be probably ground off, but in my case the requirement is usually for checking the chamber and muzzle so it works as is.

I hope this will be useful to fellow shooters. I bought  the 1.3MP version which has proved invaluable and, at only $11.52 plus $2.99 freight, dirt cheap.

Bruce Potter, WA

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