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Recently I was having difficulty applying for a permit to acquire an additional firearm using the online application process with Service NSW and the NSW Police Firearms Registry. After a couple of fruitless attempts I suspected a problem with the interaction between the two websites so I contacted the Service NSW helpline who passed me to the NSW Firearms Registry.

Eventually I spoke to a lady who couldn’t have been more helpful, sensing my frustration (a 71-year-old who knows just enough about computers to get into trouble) and displaying enormous patience as she talked me through the process. Her level of customer service and professionalism was exceptional as it turned out I was using an outdated internet browser which hampered interfacing of the two websites. I emailed NSW Firearms Registry expressing my gratitude and hope it was passed to that lady.

To all those out there who become frustrated waiting to talk to an operator at the Firearms Registry, myself included, remember there are probably only a small number of them to handle all queries. When you do get to talk to an operator be calm, polite and thank them for their help, even if you don’t get your desired outcome. It will help all of us seeking assistance.

Peter Hickey, via email

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