Howa Mini problem solved

On Paul Miller’s reply to Ron Manning (Top Shots, March) regarding the Howa 1500 Mini Action issue, a good friend owns the same rifle as Ron and had the very same problem. Even with heavier projectiles in factory loads, the rifle failed to produce acceptable groups.

He then decided to hand-load for his Mini Action in .223 and tailor the bullet seating depth to suit the rifle specifically. He also used cases he’d already fired in that rifle and neck-sized these cases only. His conclusion was that on this rifle the chamber was a fraction over-sized (his words, not mine) and using fire-formed cases from that rifle and only neck-sizing, as well as adjusting the bullet seating depth, resulted in five shots under MOA at 100m with projectiles in the 55-64gr weight.

I suggest Ron has the rifle be checked by a competent gunsmith before opting for a re-barrel as on a rifle like the Howa Mini Action a re-barrel job would cost as much as the rifle itself. In my friend’s case reloading fixed the inaccuracy issue but an oversize chamber would be easily picked up by a good gunsmith. On a new rifle it would surely be a warranty issue.

Con Kapralos, SA

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