I fear he’s missed the point

I was interested to read Denis Dixon’s comments on Australian Women’s Shooter in your February magazine. I can’t understand why he would view this as discriminatory and therefore divisive for the shooting community. I see the new magazine as a way to be more inclusive of the genders as, up until now, there hasn’t been much information in print on products and the different aspects to women’s shooting (body shapes, gun fit etc).

It’s important to note that percentage-wise not a lot of women shoot compared to men and having women-only pages in Australian Shooter would no doubt have been viewed as a ‘waste of space’ by people like Mr Dixon, so I think it was a great idea to have a quarterly insert for women to help improve our knowledge and skills.

Not only has it given me some insight into my shooting, it has helped my husband understand what I need from him by way of advice and coaching. Ultimately, if this magazine encourages more women to come on board it’s a wonderful thing as there’s strength in numbers.

Furthermore, if “a shooter is a shooter” Mr Dixon, why do the Olympic Games, world championships etc separate the sexes in competition?

Julianne Collen, WA

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