Liberal Democrats continue the good fight

As the year gets under way and we head towards a NSW state election in March and a federal election by mid-May, I want to remind you of the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to law-abiding firearms owners. We will never take a backward step in the fight to have the legitimate rights of firearm owners upheld.

In my four and a half years in the Senate I have taken every opportunity, from my Thank You For Hunting speech in the chamber to intervening in Senate inquiries to stifle the Greens’ attempts to push for more restrictions, to ensure the concerns of shooters are heard.

In the media I have actively taken on those who would strip us of our guns with careful factual argument that successfully rebutted the emotional claptrap that is often used against us. I used every negotiating trick at my disposal in an attempt to head-off new restrictions on Adler-style lever action shotguns.

As you may be aware I will be resigning from the Senate next month to contest a position in the NSW Legislative Council where I hope the Liberal Democrats can be even more effective for shooters.

The Liberal Democrats already hold seats in the West Australian and Victorian parliaments where we are fighting to wind back restrictions on law-abiding gun owners and resisting further attempts at eroding our hard-won rights.

Thank you for your support in the past and into the future as we continue to stand our ground together. If you would like one of our stickers as shown above, please email your postal address to [email protected]

Senator David Leyonhjelm

Lead candidate in the NSW election

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