‘Ludicrous and outdated’

In response to Denis Dixon’s letter ‘Discriminatory venture’ (Shooter, February 2019), I would like to congratulate the SSAA on having the foresight to publish the Australian Women’s Shooter and wish the venture every success for the future.

I would remind Mr Dixon that roughly 90 per cent of our membership is male, myself included, and if this new publication goes some way to redressing that imbalance it should be embraced. I would urge our male membership to encourage more women into the Association as this can only help secure our sport going forward.

As for Mr Dixon’s question regarding ‘does the female shooter of average size somehow have special needs over and above her male counterpart’, I know of at least two gunsmiths who have customised firearms to make them more ‘female friendly’ at the request of women shooters.

As a proud SSAA member of long standing, I would hope our Association sees itself as having social licence to represent the community as a whole, and as for Mr Dixon’s ludicrous and outdated claim of the Australian Women’s Shooter being ‘discriminatory’, I would invite him to step into the 21st century.

George Bennett, via email

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