P14 .303 still going strong

With regard to Eric Coleman’s ‘Top Shots’ question in your December issue about the P14 .303, dies are available for this cartridge from Simplex Reloading. The M17/P14 was used in any number of conversions, the most popular in the US being from 30/06 to 308 Norma Magnum.

The action is exceptionally strong and safe even 100 years on and I have a number of M17/P14 conversions including M17 Springfield 30/06 to 25/06, M17 Springfield 30/06 to 270 Norma Magnum, P14 Enfield 30/06 to 270 Roberts Improved and M17 Eddystone 308 to 308 Norma Magnum.

All reloading equipment is available from Simplex and Northern Shooters Supplies of Victoria offer 100 rounds of brass for $95. Alternatively, you can buy factory loads from Golden Flash Cartridges at $55 for 20 loaded with 130gr projectiles.

Ed Dickson, via email

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