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Just a line to recognise sound customer service and a quality shooting product.

I was given an Olight M3XS-UT Javelot in May, 2016 along with a magnetic barrel mount. As it was a present from my son and was bought online, I had no receipt or proof of purchase. The purchase was based on an Australian Shooter review and I’ve been more than satisfied with this excellent piece of kit. 

After countless nights of cycling the batteries through the torch and rounds through my .308 Winchester (torch attached) to account for numerous feral pigs and the odd wild dog, the unit suddenly gave up the ghost.

I had to resort to my old halogen handheld spotlight, which seems like spotlighting with a tilley lamp compared to the Olight rifle-mounted torch. A call to Adam at Olight put me on the path to check the batteries and switch etc. The offer for warranty (five years) was not an issue and I have since turned night into day again. 

I recommend both Olight torches and the service from Olight to anyone in the market for this type of equipment. 

Dave Thomas, Qld

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