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SSAA launches new-look Members Firearms Insurance

The SSAA Gold Membership insurance option has been updated and relaunched this month as SSAA Members Firearms Insurance. While it has a new name and a new look, SSAA members will get the same great value cover of $25,000 worth of firearms and fixed accessories insurance for only $25 per year.

This great insurance product is offered by SSAA Insurance Brokers (SSAAIB) - The Shooter’s Broker - and ensures that your firearms and fixed accessories will be covered at home, at the range, while hunting, plus overseas for up to 28 days. All privately owned firearms registered to the owner and fixed accessories will be covered against accidental loss, theft or damage and the excess is only $100 per claim. What’s more, claims are settled for the replacement value assessed by an approved firearms dealer. Compare it to your Home & Contents policy, which may have a far greater excess than $100 and only cover your firearms while at home.

SSAA Media Officer Kate Fantinel spoke with SSAA Insurance Brokers National Manager Trevor Jenkin and asked him the hard questions to learn more about SSAA Members Firearms Insurance and exactly what is covered, when and where.

Q&A on SSAA Members Firearms Insurance

Are firearms of all calibres covered?
Yes, they are.

Does the member need to supply a list of their firearms when taking out the cover?

Is reloading equipment covered?

How do you put a value on a claim?
The firearm and fixed accessories are covered for their replacement cost, that being the cost you would have to pay to replace the item with a similar one at the present time and value.

How long do you have to wait before you can make a claim?
Any loss occurring after the date you have paid for the SSAA Members Firearms Insurance can be claimed for.

Does the $100 excess apply to all claims?

Does SSAAIB replace or repair scopes?
If they can be repaired, then they would be repaired. If not, they will be replaced.

Does SSAAIB insist that all damages are repaired? How does this work?
The insurer will request the member to submit a quote for repairs or a report from a dealer or gunsmith on the damaged item.

What do you need to provide to make a claim?
The member will need to provide:

  • Proof that they are the registered owner of the firearm(s);
  • A completed claim form;
  • A quote for repairs to the damaged item(s) being claimed; and
  • A quote for the replacement of the item(s) being claimed.

It saves time if this is all submitted at the same time.

Who should you contact to make a claim?
Contact SSAA Insurance Brokers on 08 8332 0281.

How will a claim be settled?
The funds will be transferred to the bank account nominated by the member on the claim form.

Can you take out the SSAA Members Firearms Insurance before your SSAA membership renewal?
Yes, you can. The cost is $25 regardless of the term of cover until your SSAA membership expiry date.

Who should you contact if you have any queries on the cover?
Contact SSAA Insurance Brokers on 08 8332 0281.

How do you ensure that you have the SSAA Members Firearm Insurance in place?
You pay it as part of your SSAA membership each year. For confirmation about your cover and when it expires, contact SSAA Membership on 02 8805 3900.

If a member’s son or daughter is a SSAA member and also own firearms, will their firearms be covered under the member’s policy?
No, the cover is only for firearms registered in your name. Family members need to purchase the cover separately themself.

Some members have very expensive collections and firearms. Can the cover be increased beyond $25,000?
Yes, this can be arranged on a separate policy in the member’s name through SSAAIB.

How do I get a Product Disclosure Statement?
It can be downloaded from the SSAA Insurance Broker’s website.

How do you purchase the SSAA Members Firearms Insurance?
Simply contact SSAA Membership on 02 8805 3900 or add it to your existing SSAA membership online.

SSAA Members Firearms Insurance will safeguard your firearms and fixed accessories. You can take up this insurance option with your next SSAA membership renewal or you can add it to your existing SSAA membership right now. Find out more by contacting the SSAA.

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