SSAA National meeting with Alannah & Madeline Foundation

SSAA National President Geoff Jones and CEO Tim Bannister have met with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation (AMF) for an exchange of views on firearms safety. AMF Chairman Greg Sutherland, CEO Lesley Podesta and an advisor attended the meeting.

While we applauded the organisation for its anti-bullying campaigns and child safety initiatives, such as supplying Buddy Bags for children in refuges or emergency foster care, we explained our concerns with past media commentary that showed a biased and negative view towards legal firearms ownership. We explained that licensed firearm owners and SSAA members are the most law-abiding citizens, with the very nature of firearms ownership requiring us to be upstanding and responsible citizens.

Geoff said the meeting provided the opportunity to discuss differing views, with some tangible outcomes. “The AMF have agreed to review its website after we brought some articles to their attention that included inflammatory and inaccurate comments about legal firearms and the shooting sports,” he said. “We were pleased we took the opportunity to meet.”

The SSAA will continue to educate the broader community and groups like the AMF about our safe, fun and inclusive recreation.

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