Night Prowler LED light bars

A light bar can be a trusty tool for those hunters driving any vehicle through the night hours in search of quarry. Fitted to the front of a four-wheel drive or the side of a caravan and powered by the vehicle’s battery, LED light bars illuminate large areas with a powerful beam.

Night Prowler manufacturers LED light bars that are rugged and durable to suit the terrain being explored and offer three beam options: Spot, flood and combo beams. The spot beam is a concentrated light that is narrow (10 degrees), but expansive and best suited for long-distance, highway driving. The flood beam is wider, with a 45-degree spread that is ideal for shorter distances. The setting fits in perfectly for low-range driving and off-road use. The combo beam incorporates both these options for a saturation all-round LED light pattern. This is the most frequently used of the LED light bars.

Made from reinforced aluminium, the 20” Night Prowler is also waterproof and has a lifespan that stretches beyond 50,000 hours. The 20” Night Prowler 120W Light Bar is currently available for $289.


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