RSPCA continues its ideological shift

The once-respected RSPCA has shifted from a much-loved animal welfare group to an extreme animal liberationist organisation. As revealed by the SSAA, the RSPCA has made offensive anti-duck hunting campaigns in the lead-up to duck hunting seasons, distributed negative media statements regarding feral pig hunting and has publicly opposed the legitimate hunting of other pest and game animals.

The SSAA has long been aware of the RSPCA’s changing ways and even wrote a letter to the Queen expressing our concern regarding the organisation’s shift in ideology after its attempt to ban gamebird hunting in 2009. This radical change is also being seen in the United Kingdom, with a high-profile RSPCA prosecution of the renowned Cattistock Hunt in Dorset spectacularly collapsing amid claims that the hunt was the victim of a politically inspired campaign, funded by a mystery backer - the RSPCA.

We have also received member feedback regarding the RSCPA, providing evidence pointing to a clear shift from being animal welfare advocates to animal liberationists, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

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