Federal MP Andrew Laming on Adler case as SSAA praised for “high degree of engagement”

Federal Queensland representative Andrew Laming MP held a meeting with licensed firearm owners in his seat of Bowman recently regarding the temporary Adler ban. This is his statement following the event:

“Thanks everyone for giving up an evening to improve my knowledge of firearm regulation. I spoke with Minister Keenan this morning and have organised a formal and detailed response for each of you next week.

In the meantime it appears there has been a high degree of engagement with the SSAA, which was our key reservation last night.

Apparently the working group has had four meetings already, prior to a Brisbane meeting yesterday; to which the SSAA was invited to the table for the first session. Apparently they were unavailable, so the policy group organised an alternative meeting time.

The Minister is also considering a new arrangement for consultation, and it is an opportunity to emphasise a more central role for the SSAA. Please let me follow that up next week.

Sincerely and feel free to forward this message to friends and colleagues with an interest in the NFA.”

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