AIC’s Australian Crime: Facts & Figures: 2013

The Australian Institute of Criminology’s Australian Crime: Facts & Figures: 2013 uses information compiled from a broad range of sources to create an accurate and holistic picture of crime and criminal justice issues in Australia. Within this volume are the patterns and trends relating to specific crimes, victims, offenders, the location of criminal acts, and the operation and cost of the criminal justice system (including the police, courts and prisons). This publication aims to provide government and justice agencies, the media and the Australian public with accurate, easy-to-access crime statistics in a single, centralised location.

Figures show that in 2012, 42 per cent of all victims of murder were killed by an offender armed with a knife. The second most common weapon used in the commission of a murder was a firearm (25 per cent). Figures also show that in 2012, 47 per cent of victims were robbed by an offender/s using a knife, 25 per cent of robberies involved another type of weapon (including chemicals or unspecified items), and 18 per cent of victims were robbed by an offender armed with a firearm.

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